"Internment Facility"




Guard Tower

Initial Search

Take Down

Come Along


Attempted Prison Break

Holding Tank

"You did what?"

Pull out the gloves

"Hang on."

"No, no, no. Honest, I didn't know."

"This is gonna be my pleasure"

Trouble in the Hall

Result of Not Cooperating

"How'd I pull this duty?"

Clyde and Unhappy Prisoner

In Processing

Another Search

In processing Paperwork

Vital Data

"And you planned all this?"

Empty Cells

Receiving Cell Assignment - 1

Receiving Cell Assignment - 2

Final Check

Cell Prep

"I told you to stay put"


Causing Trouble

Quick Reaction

"Has to be one in every crowd..."

Better Shot

"What'd I do?"

Cell Extraction - 1

Cell Extraction -2

Cell Extraction - 3

"Lesson in what not to do, regardless of how loud and obnoxious..."

King on the Dolly - Improvising Movement of Prisoner

Use of Available Resources

Just had to make things difficult

"Can't chew that off now, can ya!"

Headed to Solitary Confinement - QRF

Stretched Up - 1

Stretched Up - 2


Thankful for Sleep

Sleeping - 1

Sleeping - 2

"Nighty night"

"Better than some nights I've had."

Guard Walk - 1

Guard Walk - 2

King Logging Data




Serious Profile


Off Shift - 1

Off Shift - 2

"Should have slept when I had the chance."

Off Shift

Carolus - Worn Out



"Weapons Room"

"Freaking Paperwork"

Wake Up

Placing Cuffs

Personal Hygiene - 1

Personal Hygiene - 2

"Personal Hygiene is not a Choice"

Trip to Latrine

Desk Sergeant


Preparing Trays

Feeding Prisoners - 1

Feeding - 2

Feeding - 3

Prisoners Eating - 1

Eating - 2

Eating - 3

Eating - 4

Eating - 5

Chow - 1

Chow - 2

Guard Room

Up and At 'Em

Wake Up Williams

King Looking Rough After a Short Rest

Stabbed in the Back

"Oh, quit your wining, litty bitty Band-Aid covered it."

Front Door Guards (borrowed weapons)

"Hey, I got it out!"