Cuba & Ft. Benning Deployment


Family and Soldier Submissions


Submitted by Abram:

Gonzo - Flag folding

Supply Cages


Mo - "Gotcha"

Barracks Rooms

Bunk beds

Barracks - Wooden Huts

Down time

Thorne - "Get that thing out of my face!"

Tent and Cots

Home Decor

Home Sweet Home

"Let me get situated..."

"Ok, this isn't what it looks like."

"Either is this..."

"I don't know these people."

Down time in the tent


Golfing 2

"Where did it go?"

Native Wildlife

"Hey little fella..."

Further than it looks - "See the little people on the rock?"

"Now can you see them?"

Mo and Thorne at the Beach

"It helps to actually sit in the sun, guys."



Flag & Dedication stone

At the Beach

Abe on the rocks

Abe on the rocks 2

Visit at Ft. Benning:

Abe & Daughter

Abe, Lorinda & Daughter

Homecoming in Joplin:

Abe and Daughter

Abe, Lorinda & Daughter

Kisses for Daddy


Submitted by Stephanie Geno:

Welcome Home Sign


Submitted by Nikki Gonzales:

View from the Air -1

View from the Air - 2

View from the Air - 3

View from the Air - 4

View from the Air - 5

View from the Air - 6


Bus Ride

Horizon View

Water Patrol

Williams - Crutches - 1

Williams - Crutches - 2

Williams - Crutches - 3

Williams - Crutches - 4


"Card Table"

Geno Reading

Wooden Hut

"Central Air"

Latrine and Wash Area


Submitted by Hogue:

NE Gate

Hall, Carter, Hogan, Shockley

Hall, Hogan, Hubbard, Houdyshell

Platoon Party - 1

Platoon Party - 2

Wild Bunch - Hogue, Houdyshell, Carter, Melvin, Hogan, Miller, Rowley, Sanchez, Real, Hall, Shockley

Windmill Beach - Hall


Submitted by Rowley:

3rd Platoon Leadership - Night Shift

3rd Platoon Meeting - Camp X-ray

Abram, Smith, Cook

Bus Stop

Charlie Daniels USO Tour

"Devil Went Down to GTMO"



Freedom Heights

"Sanford and Sons"

"Freedom Heights smells like roses."

Gouty, Jones, Rowley, Thorne

Iguanas are Everywhere

Jones and Rowley

"Let's get serious, remember back home they think this sucks."

"Meeting's done, now go empty some more buckets."

Shockley, Lehar, Manders, Manary, Merriman

Moving - Real, Monteleone, Hubbard, Hogue

New Home - Camp America

Rowley - Back from the Beach

Preparing for Non-Lethal Weapons Exercise

"Running over turtles is a Federal offense."

Rowley and Real

Sharpe, Lopez, Anderson, Morris - "Remember, rubber bullets can hurt."

Shaw and Rowley

"Sometimes it was beautiful."

Spence and Hogue - "You're gonna play what over the loud speakers?"


"Still friggin' hot even with AC."

Suhr and Rowley

Sunset over Leeward

Tents Suck

Waves - GTMO Cuba

Manders only Friend - "Wire"

Wire in Cage

Wynn and McGehee - "I swear it was right over there."

X-ray TOC - Gouty, Jones, Rowley, Thorne, McGehee

Camp X-ray 1

Camp X-ray 2


Cuba (Country)

Cuba (Global)