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In Memory of

Army Sergeant Nathan Robert Field

  24 April 1982 - 7 January 2006 

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09 Jan 2006

I have only known you since you transferred to my unit back in August, but I can say that during that short period of time I got to see what a man/soldier you are/were. You were strong, wise and concerned about your subordinates. You showed me that you cared for and loved all. These qualities are what make for a great NCO.  That is what you were.

You told me with a huge smile that you were to be wed this summer and how much you were looking forward to being married. Brother, I pray for your Fiancйe, your family and your brothers and sisters here. I grieve for your Fiancйe and your family, and for our loss.

I know that we will never be able to replace you. We can’t replace those we lose; we simply remember what they meant and who they were. You will always have a place in our hearts and minds forever.

As I told Johnson, “You will not be alone up there. You will be in great company," and that’s just counting the other 414th Soldiers who, lead by “SSG Mo” greeted you by the gate with open arms. Please know that “Mo” is there to take great care of you, as he has our other brothers. He is a great man and will show you everything you need to know.

We give thanks for those who halt their lives to free us all; and more to those who lose their own, to protect people they don’t even know. God bless you and your family.


Nicolai Birch

1LT, Commanding

414th Military Police Company 



09 Jan 2006

To the family of SGT Nathan Field, my heart breaks for you. I know what you are going through and I promise if you need me I will be here to help you in anyway I can. May God bless you and keep you safe in his arms.

Michele Mowris, widow of SSG Doug Mowris 414th MP CO (email me if you need me curbydawg@yahoo.com)


09 Jan 2006

It is with great sadness that I heard of SGT Nathan Field's death. I will never forget him and remember our time together in the 4249th MP Det. I will never forget him calling me in the middle of the night to harass me and then laughing about it the next day. I will never forget him getting his "game on" as he said showing off on the beach during our deployment to NC during 2001-2002. He was a great Man, MP, Soldier and will be missed greatly.

SFC Scott A. McKain 489th Civil Affairs BN

09 Jan 2006

To Nathan's family: I didn't know him, but I feel your loss. Each of us live with the possibility that next time, the notification could be coming to our door. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers, as is Nathan. His sacrifice will not be forgotten. God bless you and yours.

Terri Birch (1LT Birch's wife)

09 Jan 2006

I was fortunate to meet SGT Field while he was in Joplin. He was a very sweet young man and my husband says he was a "great" soldier. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I hope you find some peace during this difficult time in knowing that the 414th soldiers and families will never forget Nathan.

Sincerely, Stephanie Geno (Wife of SPC Geno)

09 Jan 2006

I myself have never met Nathan but as he is a member of the 414th family, with my husband. Himself and his family and friends will always be a part of my own family. I am sure he will be greatly missed by his fellow soldiers, friends, and family members. You will always be in our hearts!

Katie Enlow (wife of 2nd Lt. Enlow)


10 Jan 2006

To the friends/family of SGT Nathan Field-- I am sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I only knew Sgt Field for a short time, but in that time I got to know him pretty well. He was a friendly, down-to-earth kind of guy and he will be missed dearly, but never forgotten.

10 Jan 2006

To the family, friends and the 414th, I send my deepest condolences for the loss of a very loved man. My time spent with SGT Field was full of smiles and laughs. In times that we were down or missing home SGT Field always had a way to motivate us. I will remember him for who he was and what he did.

SGT Vancuren 414th Mp Co

10 Jan 2006

To the friends and family of SGT Nathan Field-- I am sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I only knew Sgt Field for a short time, but in that time I got to know him pretty well. He was a friendly, down-to-earth kind of guy. He will be missed dearly, but never forgotten.

PFC Martin 414th MP Co.

10 Jan 2006

To: Family and Friends of Nathan Field - Although I don't know you. I am praying for you and my deepest sympathy is with you. May God Bless and Give You Strength.

10 Jan 2006

To the family of SGT Nathan Field it is with deepest sympathy for you that we write this memorial, our thoughts and prayers are with you now and always. To the soldiers of the 414th, he is now with God and they are both watching over and cheering you on. Smile when you think of him for he is smiling down on you.

Lynn Woodham


10 Jan 2006

To the family/friends of SGT Nathan Field: Our thoughts and prayers are with you and our deepest sympathy goes out to you. Even though I never met SGT Field, he was a part of the 414th family, therefore a part of mine. We are always thinking of you.

Ashley Golden (SPC Golden's Wife)

10 Jan 2006

My thoughts and prayers are with the Fields Family and we do feel your pain.

Verla White

10 Jan 2006

It was great to have known Sgt. Field. He was a great man who cared about everyone. He was sincerely genuine in everything he did. He so wanted to be home with his fiancйe and his family but also cared about his military "family." He showed me what a NCO is supposed to be like and what I hope to become. I was honored to have Sgt. Field escort me to Navistar. It was the last time I saw him and it was in true Sgt. Field fashion. My condolences, sympathy, and prayers are with his family, fiancйe, and everyone else who is mourning the loss of a Terrific Person!!

God Bless Spc. Zarrillo, Adam

10 Jan 2006

To the family of Sgt. Field, I send my deepest sympathy and condolences. I got a chance to meet Sgt. Field back in Fort Dix, NJ. I'm sorry for your loss but he will never be forgotten.

Spc. Coleman Marshall

10 Jan 2006

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Field family. My son Matthew Eliker is presently serving there with the 414th and I am sure your son will be truly missed by him and his fellow soldiers.

Christina Eliker Utica Nebraska

10 Jan 2006

To the family of SGT Nathan Field, My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of you. May God keep you strong through this difficult time. God Bless and sorry for your loss.

K. Tilley 2LT Bunting sister

10 Jan 2006



10 Jan 2006

To the field family. I just want you to know that I keep you in my heart and in my prayers. He was a good friend for the short time that I knew him. He really taught me a lot I am sorry again.

SPC Batemon Nitasha

10 Jan 2006

I can truly say that knowing SGT Field was a great honor. He was an outstanding individual and an even better soldier and NCO. He will truly be missed.

SPC Sanders, Travis

10 Jan 2006

In my short time I knew you I gathered that you were a fair person and one who made the world a better place. With you gone the earth is a lesser place.

10 Jan 2006

To the family and friends of SGT Nathan Field. I never had the opportunity of meeting this GREAT soldier. My thoughts and prayers are with you. He will always be a part of our 414th family.

Always in my prayers, Kimberly Ferdig (wife of SPC Rocky Ferdig)

10 Jan 2006

SGT Field was a very respectable person and soldier. He was a true and honest friend to all that he came across. I admired him for his ability to see the good in people and for the way he selflessly helped others that needed helping. I looked up to him immensely as a soldier as well as a human being. I, along with all others who were blessed to have known him, will miss him dearly.

SPC John Mistretta

10 Jan 2006

To the family and friends of SGT Nathan Field. My prayers are with all of you. I can only imagine what you all of you are going through. I only knew SGT Field for a short while, but Id say I got to know him fairly well in that time. He talked allot about his fiancйe and getting married. He was highly respected among the soldiers of all ranks with the unit. He may be lost but he will never be forgotten. The last time I saw him was when he escorted me to Navstar and it was in true SGT Field fashion. He was a good man, soldier and NCO. A man who was always trying to better himself. God Bless!

SGT Robert Moore

10 Jan 2006

Please accept our deepest sympathy. Only those of us who have suffered a loss as great as this can understand your feelings at this time. We understand, but it doesn't make it any easier. Our hearts break with yours.

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Mansfield (In-Laws of SPC Geno)

11 Jan 2006

I never had the pleasure of meeting SGT Field, but having heard my husband and many others talk, I feel as though I have. He was a wonderful person and will truly be missed. My deepest condolences to the family, friends, loved ones and fellow soldiers who will be missing this spectacular man every day.

Ashley Venolia, wife of SPC William Venolia

11 Jan 2006

Please accept our deepest sympathy in the loss of your beloved Nathan Field. Our hearts go out to his family, friends and comrades.

Larry and Linda Fullerton, Joplin, MO. (relatives of SPC Josh Geno)

11 Jan 2006

Field was one of my closest friends. We had been trying to get deployed for about a year and a half. We even went so far as to retrain as truck drivers because we heard the Army needed truck drivers. The last time I was with Nate was in Kuwait when I bought him the sub sandwich I owed him from losing a bet. The bet was whether we were going north or not. I said no, he said yes. Well he won so I bought him his sandwich, gave him a hug, told him I loved him and he walked back to his truck. Now that I think about it he didn't make it north, I guess that means he owes me a sandwich. Field, I miss you and love you buddy.

Sgt Plathe, Jeremy

11 Jan 2006

SGT Field was a great man. He was always fun to be around and brought out the best in everyone. I knew him for many years and will miss our talks of the Iowa Hawkeye's and all the good times we had. My prayers go out to his family, fiancйe and friends. Nate will never be forgotten.

SSG Jeff Caquelin - 4249th, 414th.

11 Jan 2006

I appreciate all your son has done for me, my family and our country. I am SPC Geno's sister-in-law so I had the privilege of meeting him once. I am so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for all of you.

Tricia Charleston

11 Jan 2006

Nothing that I write here will erase your pain. My only hope is that by sharing that you are in our prayers will somehow bring comfort to you.

Amy Olson (SFC Olson's wife)

11 Jan 2006

I had the pleasure of being SGT Field's first Platoon Sergeant when he arrived in Pocahontas, Iowa as a brand new private. I have had respect for this man since that day. He was always a true soldier, and cared very much about everyone. He was great for laughs, and while deployed, I counted on him every day to get the job done. SGT Field is and will always be my hero. To his family, fiancйe, and friends. Rest assure SGT Field will live forever in our hearts. May God be with you.

SFC Davis

11 Jan 2006

Our daughter Sarah was in Sergeant Nathan Fields unit. She was saddened by his death. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nathan's family and friends,

 Grady and Robin Martin

11 Jan 2006

Sgt. Field was truly a great friend and soldier. Always willing to go above and beyond what was required. Sometimes that involved things like taking pepper spray to the face. Sgt. Field will always be remembered for having a smile on his face. He could make anyone laugh with his aviator sunglasses. I will miss you Fee Dog, the world won't be the same without your example of leadership, duty, and friendship.

Sgt. Joshua R Tew

11 Jan 2006

SGT Nathan Field was a good friend of mine. I enjoyed serving with him. He was funny and full of life. I never had a dull moment around him. He will be greatly missed.

SSG Jonathan Klodt 304th MP Det.

11 Jan 2006

To: family and friends. Although I don't know you, I am praying for you and my sympathy is with you. My son Travis Tokheim is with the 414th also. God Bless.

Maurene Spellmeyer

11 Jan 2006

To the family, friends and the soldiers deployed with SGT Field. I'm sorry for the loss of your son, brother, fiancйe and soldier. He was a great person who touched many peoples lives. I feel fortunate to have met him, served with him and even to be able to call a friend. He could always be counted on and to be counted. He served his country with pride and honor. He was a true American soldier. Fee Dog thanks for the memories. God bless you and I'll see you when I see you.

SFC Spilman

12 Jan 2006

Nate, to know you for the time I did was a blessing. You took our simple motto at the 4249th/304th of "work hard, play hard" and performed it like no other. I Thank You for reminding me through a simple smile and the gleam in your eyes that life should be lived and not allowed to simply pass by. I'll see you later, brother.

To Mr. and Mrs. Field, my prayers and deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. You raised a man who taught the values of life by simply being himself. We are a tight group at the 4249th/304th. Nate fit right in from day one and I am honored to say that I was his Commander and served with him. We always say that we are a second family to those that join us in Pocahontas, IA. I proudly say, as all will from the 4249th/304th, Nate is a brother to us all and will be missed.


CPT Randy Jensen


4249th PSC/304th MP DET

12 Jan 2006

Love continues forever. My heart goes out to you. A mom of a 414th soldier.

12 Jan 2006

To Bill, Mary, Eli, and Connie~ I just pray that God will hold you in his arms as you walk this painful path. I can tell that Nathan was a wonderful young man. As a mother, my heart is broken for you....I'm so, so sorry.

Patricia Hoover (Valentine's family)

12 Jan 2006

I had the pleasure of serving with Field for the last 4 years, I also had the pleasure of driving him to Joplin for Pre-Mob, and also roomed with him for the two weeks we were at Joplin. Being just married Field and I got to know each other allot better during those two weeks and became very good friends. Connie was always mentioned during those days, and at Fort Dix, and every time I saw him when I was with him at Bucca. I know no words can ease your pain. But I am truly sorry for your loss. I loved him like a brother and he will truly be missed.

-SGT Lemke, Steven C.

12 Jan 2006

As the DET SGT and senior NCO for the 304th, I knew Nathan but a short time, but his first impression upon me was lasting. He had ENERGY, and was full of life. He was bright, disciplined and had excellent bearing, it made him stand out. He was always willing to help, he never shirked a task or duty, and accepted all with enthusiasm. I will always admire and remember this exceptional person.

The great Scotsman, William Wallace has been quoted as saying, "All men die, but not all men live". Nathan lived.

Nate, as you pass from this world to continue your journey, we'll be with you.

Ms. Gruber words simply cannot ease your pain, but we feel with you the loss.

Mr. & Mrs. Field, my heartfelt gratitude for giving us your son for the time we knew him, and for his sacrifice to our great Nation.

SFC Roger Craig

12 Jan 2006

It was an honor to know and work with you SGT FIELD...


12 Jan 2006

Sgt Field was a great soldier and an even better friend. When I first came to the unit he was more than happy to welcome me and treat me like I had been there for years. He will be missed greatly.

12 Jan 2006

It was an honor to know him and no one will ever forget him , I am very proud to have served with him .

Spc. Erik Haugen 4249th MP

12 Jan 2006

Sgt Field was an excellent soldier. He was easy to get along with and I enjoyed working with him. Even though I made him stand in line to get supplies.

Sincerely, Hiram E. Couch/SFC/414th M.P. Co.

12 Jan 2006

SGT Fields, I only knew you for a short time, from the date you were assigned to the 414th MP Co, I soon learned what a can-do NCO you were, always willing to do what was needed, to help your fellow troops, and to go the extra mile. You will be missed my Brother, I know that SSG Mowris has a prime spot on Fiddlers Green for you and all of our kindred.

SSG Shaw

12 Jan 2006

I am truly sorry for the loss of this outstanding soldier - SGT Nathan Field, and may God give his family and friends the strength to deal with his painful loss.

SGT Field - thank you for your service and sacrifice for our great country.

God Bless,

LTC Jeffrey C. Nichols

12 Jan 2006

"It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle." - H. Norman Schwarkopf

Peace be with you, Field. You have been a brother to so many of us. May God grant strength to your family and friends. Serving with you has been an honor and I will miss you.

Thank you and Godspeed, my brother.


12 Jan 2006

My heart goes out to Sgt. Field's family...my nephew Travis is in the same company...414th. May God give you the strength to endure the loss of a brave soldier. Blessings...

Peg Tokheim, Thor, Iowa

12 Jan 2006

To the family of SGT Field...God Bless You....Nothing I can say here will ease your pain...but know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers....

12 Jan 2006

To the family of SGT Field.....God Bless You and Keep You in His Loving Arms....and remember that God now holds your son in His arms......no words I say here will ease your pain, but know that you are in our thoughts and prayers........

Stacey Peterson ...mother of a son with the 414th

12 Jan 2006

SGT Field was a very good friend of mine. Since his very first days of joining our unit, Field and I hit it off like we were two friends that couldn't be separated. I will always be thinking about the times we had spent together, whether it be deployment, AT, or a scheduled drill weekend. You always brought out the best in everyone you were around, on good days and bad days. You will always be my hero. Fieldy, you will be missed very much, BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. Thanks for the great memories. I will see you again someday, and I am sure that we will hit it off again just like your very first day in the unit.

To Mr. And Mrs. Field, my heart and prayers go out to you and the rest of your family. Nate will always be a brother to me. My deepest sympathies go out to you. From my family to yours.

SPC Matthew S. Goodwin 4249th PSC/304th MP DET

12 Jan 2006

I served with Sgt. Field during his first deployment with the 4249th Port Security Company. I will never forget his can-do attitude, his willingness to help others and his way of brightening other's days. I will always remember that any time I would come to a formation, Sgt. Field would puff up, flex his muscles and ask me, "You want some of this Sergeant?" No matter how my day was going, that always made it better. Sgt. Field, you were a true soldier and friend and you will truly be missed. To his family and fiancйe', be proud of Nathan for what he did, for you, for me and for his country. You have the honor of being able to say that this wonderful man was part of your lives. God Bless You!!!

SFC John P. Emswiler II 530th MP BN Omaha, NE..

12 Jan 2006

No greater honor than to serve... No greater sorrow than to lose a hero. Heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends of this fine young man.

Coleen Barngrover, Denison, Iowa

12 Jan 2006

Our prayers are with you............

Jessica L Froehlich (fiancйe of SFC John Emswiler)

13 Jan 2006

Our deepest sympathies to all of you who loved Nathan. You will be in our thoughts & prayers. Adam Thompson is my nephew in the 414th.

Sincerely, Linda Punch

13 Jan 2006

I had the pleasure to know Field for 2 years and I also had the pleasure of having him as a friend....I am currently in Iraq. Wish that I could be there for his funeral but I know that I cannot...so I pray for his family and for all of his friends... He was a great man and NCO... It's just not right not having Field around any more.... If you ever needed a smile you would go talk to Field or if you ever needed something at all you would go to Field....We all Love and Miss you SGT Field.

SPC Tokheim

13 Jan 2006

To the family and Brothers of SGT. Nathan Field, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I only knew Nate for a year but what a GREAT person. I've had some fun times with him and I will always remember his smile and that relaxed attitude. He will join many other greats that watch over us. He is a hero and will be greatly missed. God bless you

13 Jan 2006

No greater honor than to serve... No greater sorrow than to lose a hero. Heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends of this fine young man.

SSG Jay Benton

530th Mp BN Operation Iraqi Freedom

April 2003-April 2004


13 Jan 2006

My sympathy goes to Sgt. Field's family and fiancйe. I had the pleasure of knowing Nathan while I was with 4249th. I remember shift changes at Motsu, Nathan always had smile on his face and had something very witty to say that would brighten anyone's day. He had the ability to bring a sense of humor in most any situation. Sgt. Field will never be forgotten, always remembered as a brother in 4249th family to me.

Leo Welsh

13 Jan 2006

To the Field Family: I was Nathan's last squad leader at the 4249th/304th. I was already a member when Nathan joined our unit. Nathan made my job very easy. He was always dependable and brought a positive attitude with him where ever he went. He always wanted to wrestle with me at drill weekends, and had me feel how big his biceps were. Field could always make me smile no matter what mood I was in. I am honored to know Nathan and blessed for the memories I have of him. Nathan, I will shake your hand when I see you again. To the Field family, You all are in my prayers and thoughts!

Sgt. Luke Jensen

13 Jan 2006

I only knew Nathan for a short while. I was in the same unit 4249th with him. He was a great person and an excellent soldier. He will be in my prayers and god bless him and his family.

13 Jan 2006

To Nathan's family. You have my deepest sympathies for your loss. I had the honor and privilege of being Nathan's squad leader while in North Carolina. Nathan was a unique individual, a happy go-lucky young man who was out to enjoy life and trying to be a good man and soldier. It was fun to rib him and to watch him grow and mature. He was a favorite of many of our senior NCOs and the DOD guards we worked with. He always had that smile and grin that brightened our days. We will miss him very much. My troops, to me, were an extension of my family, my children. I took care of them the best I could and tried to teach and guide them to be good soldiers and people. Your loss is mine too.

To Nathan, I will miss you very much. It sounds like you learned some of the lessons well reading about what your peers have said. You will be with me forever in my heart and I will look forward to seeing you again when it's my turn to come upstairs. Love you troop.

SSG Steven (dad) Howell

US ARMY retired

13 Jan 2006

My prayers and thoughts go out to the family of Sgt. Field.. His memory will be with you forever... and with the memories you have of him they will make you smile and help you through hard times... God bless...

14 Jan 2006

Nate you were truly one of my best friends, I can't thank you enough for being there for me whenever I needed you, and introducing Bobby and me to each other, I will never forget you. You were a wonderful person, anyone who met you wanted to be your friend. You were an excellent soldier who always did his best. We will miss you honey.

Mary, Bill, Eli and Connie I am so sorry for the loss of Nate, nothing I can say or do can take away the hurt but I just want you to know I love you guys.

Melissa Snitzer (Duple) (Sgt. Bobby Snitzer's Wife)

14 Jan 2006

Nate, I'll never forget the time you helped Bailey find his, "stolen phone". Little did he know it was me that took it. When I came after Bailey, you came after me to protect him. You were in a boxing stance, you looked like your little Irish man tattoo. I'll never forgot how hard we laughed when Bailey left you there to fight whoever had his phone and you found out it was Girman and I. You're a true friend and I was proud to serve with you at Sunny Point. You always kept our spirits up, always positive, and that's how I'll remember you. Till we meet again, Work Hard, Play Hard.

Anthony Rhoad

14 Jan 2006

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Brothers, We do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope. We believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. According to the Lords own word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left till the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep. For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And So we will be with the Lord forever therefore encourage each other with these words.

With this passage from the bible I would also like to leave my personal thoughts; even though we may not be able to enjoy life with you Sgt Field and SPC Johnson among us as much as we would like to. All of us that are religious believe that we will meet again, and when that day comes I will be honored to stand beside you in front of the Lord. I will remember these two fine soldiers forever and always keep them and their families in my thoughts and prayers. I ask that we all do this for right now we need to honor them by completing our mission here in Iraq, and remember their families for their loss was the greatest of all to lose a loved one. I would like to end this by saying THANK YOU to SGT FIELD, and SPC JOHNSON for you gave the ultimate sacrifice for your country and for freedom. I will truly never forget the times I've spent talking with both of you. Rest Well My brothers for your fight here is over. WE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST.




414th MP CO

14 Jan 2006

We did not know Nathan as SGT Nathan Field. We knew Nathan as the little guy who'd run across the street to play baseball in our back yard. We knew Nathan "back when". A sweet boy who never crossed a line and never caused any trouble. A boy who was scared to death of "pitch fork Dorothy"! As he grew into a man we were honored to see him once in awhile when he was back home.

Eli......it was always very clear how Nathan felt about you. The smile would shine as he spoke of you. He was and is very proud to call you his brother.

Bill and Mary.......however hard it may be, smile through your tears, you did well. Our hearts are broken for you all.

Kevin and Kathy Crimmins Fort Dodge, Iowa

14 Jan 2006

My memories of Field will always be of how sweet he was. My husband was very close to him and served with him in the Army. Each time my husband told him about a big event in our life, whether it be a marriage or another baby, Field's eyes would swell up with tears because he was so happy for us. Field was genuine and caring, and that will truly be missed. He made all our lives a little better just by knowing him. I don't think there could be a greater compliment. He will never be forgotten. Our hearts and prayers go out to Field's family, fiancйe and the military family. We have all suffered a great loss.

Wife of a Sgt. from the 304th

14 Jan 2006

To the family of SGT NATHAN FIELD--Although I never knew your son, he will never be forgotten by the proud members of the 4249th. May God keep you strong in this very difficult time. GOD BLESS YOU.


15 Jan 2006

To Sgt. Field's Family and Friends: My son SPC Travis Tokheim served with Sgt. Field before and in Iraq. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this trying time.

God bless. Mark & Melissa Tokheim, Thor, IA.

15 Jan 2006

Nathan R. Field, one great person. Nathan was my cousin although we were not able to see each other often, he is someone that I nor no one will forget.

I saw Nathan as an excellent younger brother to Eli, always there for him, always nice to him, and always loving him. I prey that I can be the younger brother I saw you being. You were and still are a great person and that will never change in my mind. You are someone that will never be forgotten in my prayers, and life.

Mary, Bill, Eli, Uncle Pat, and everyone else that was and still is close to Nathan I feel your pain. As do we all. Mary and Bill you raised two fine young men. I will always be here for you if you need anything at all.

As I am broken hearted I know that Nathan is in a good place, and look forward in reuniting with him as the years go bye.

Eli I there is no way I can feel the pain you must be in, but I am hear for you.

Love, Lucas (cousin of Nathan, and Eli)

15 Jan 2006

I'm so thankful for the men and women who give their lives so that we have the privilege of freedom and I do understand as I grew up without a father because of Pearl Harbor and I hope the rest of us free Americans can appreciate the price our brothers sons husbands fathers and loved ones have paid for our peace and freedom they deserve our respect and support. God Bless You and thank you.

Karen Petersen

15 Jan 2006

Nate was my best friend and was my best man at my wedding. God father to my two kids I have know Nate from 8th grade. There are so many thing that I could say. We had great times riding bikes to swimming at the park, fishing all day long . I have talked to so many people in the last day that shows me how big a life he had. Nate I will miss you.

Love Justin, Missy, Noble and Kaidence Nowell

15 Jan 2006

Sgt. Nathan Field was one of my closest friends for the better part of my life. Nate was the kind of guy to back up his friends no matter the situation, or the odds. I have many great memories of Nate coming from all aspects of life. He always found ways to make things interesting. I could go on about all my fond memories of Nate but that would take way too long. Just know that he was a great man. He did everything to the best of his ability, and then tried a little harder. He will be truly missed by all of us that knew him.

Tanner J. Nowell, friend

15 Jan 2006

My prayer's and thoughts go out to Nathan's family, fiancйe, and friends. Nathan, to me, was one of the funniest guys I have ever know. My memories of him can only make me laugh and smile. Nate was always the kind of guy to lighten the mood with a joke or some other silly gesture. I never was fortunate enough to be Squad Leader of his, but I knew Nate for many years and he was a great soldier, all of the family and friends should be proud of what he did for this country. My deepest regards for everyone that knew him. He will be truly missed, the smile and outgoing attitude made it impossible not to love Nate. Just to let you know that everyone in the 4249th/304th loved Nate and he will not be forgotten. I Love You Nate, just like a little brother that I never had. To the family, take care and remember to always be there for each other and not to forget that there is always someone to lean on at the unit because we will be there for you too. See you again sometime in the future, Nate.

SSG John W. Crom 4249th/304th MP

15 Jan 2006

Nate, Nathan, Field, which ever you called Nate it all meant the same to him. I knew Nate for 11 short years and I always thought of Nate as my cool big brother that wouldn't beat me up. Nathan loved life and everything that came with it. He loved going camping back in the woods and just sitting around the camp fire telling stories. He loved being in the military and loved everyone he served with. I would like to thank everyone that served with Nathan either in Iraq or N.C. or wherever he loved you all. He was a great man, a brother, a son, an uncle, a soldier and most of all a great friend to all of us. He will be missed more then he could have ever known. I loved him as a brother and a friend.

Tyler Nowell Friend and Family

15 Jan 2006

I've known Nate for eleven years and we shared a lot of things, a home, food, even pants, but that's a different story. It's hard to describe Nate in just a short paragraph. If I had to pick a few words to describe him they would be loyal, honorable, funny, unpredictable, charismatic, and memorable. Nate is one of those men that women wanted and that men wanted to be. Nate is an amazing man that will always be in my heart and in my thoughts. To me he is a friend, a brother, and an American hero. Nate, there will never be another man that can compare to the man that you are. I am proud of you and honored to be called your friend.

Aaric W. Zeimet Debbie Eck ( fiancйe) Webster City, IA

15 Jan 2006

I have known Nate for almost 3 years. I met him here in Pocahontas while he was here for drill. I always looked forward to the first weekend of every month so I could go up town and party with "my army boys"...Nate and I had some awesome and crazy times together and I will never forget them. He always had a huge smile and sparkling blue eyes...that would make anyone smile To Nate... You were and awesome guy and I loved being around you cuz if I was in a bad mood you always made me smile...I'll never forget our parting days...you are my true HERO...I love ya buddy and I'll miss you...see you in heaven someday!!!

15 Jan 2006

I can't find the words to express my sorrow for the loss of Nate. I will always remember him being willing to play football or baseball with me whenever I saw him. Nathan's attitude about life is one that I truly wish I could have. He was a great cousin, brother, nephew, son, and most of all he was a great friend.

Nathan's loving cousin, Dan

16 Jan 2006

SGT Field was one of those inspirational soldiers. He always had a smile on his face and he was very enthusiastic about being in the military. Nathan was a good soldier and a good person. He could always make everyone around him smile and laugh. My heart goes out to the fiancйe, family and friends of SGT Field. He will always be remembered and missed.

SGT Michelle Willenborg (Former 4249th)

16 Jan 2006

I cannot attest to Nate's abilities as a soldier, but I do not doubt what was about him by his brothers in arms. I can attest to Nate's abilities as a FRIEND and at that he was SQUARED AWAY!! Nate thank you for your service to God Country and Friends. Rest easy now partner we will take it from here. God Bless you Nate, you will be missed, but never forgotten..

Joshua Bailey

Hamilton County Sheriffs Office,

Former Supervisor Rabiner Boys Ranch Treatment Center


16 Jan 2006

First of all, to Nate's family and fiancйe. I cannot begin to imagine the grief you are feeling right now, but take some solace in the fact that you raised a wonderful man who obviously touched many lives, including my wife and I. We love him and miss him greatly.

I was fortunate enough to be roommates with young Nathan on active duty in N. Carolina. We became very close during that year and the one's that followed. He was like a kid brother to me, and he looked like it too. I was so proud the first day he had to shave. I think it was right around his 20th b-day. We had some great times, most of which were at the expense of our other roommate SSG Hough and our poor old squad leader SSG Howell. I think we may have had something to do with his retirement. One thing I will always remember about Nate was how much he loved to sleep. I always had a good laugh to look forward to every morning when I got to wake him up and watch the agonizing process he went through to stumble off to work. Well, there are many more stories I could go on with, some of which Nate wouldn't appreciate me putting out into cyber-space, but let's all keep these memories close to our hearts and know that Nate is looking out for us from here on in. My only concern is that now heaven will be cluttered with a bunch of empty cans of cheese dip.

Nate, I love you like a brother and I'll see you at the crossroads.

Lastly, a quote from Nate and I's favorite song, right now "I am A Man of Constant Sorrow."

SGT Aaron Arthur and Wife Meagan

16 Jan 2006

My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Field family in this time of sorrow. I knew Nate through my son Aaric as they have been friends for many years. He was a good friend to him and will never know the importance of their friendship. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, but never forgotten. May you find peace until you meet again.

Aarics Mom, Kelly Short

16 Jan 2006

From one Army Brother to another...

See you in that Mess Hall in the sky.

SPC Todd M Adams 293rd ENG 801st MNT

16 Jan 2006

Dear Fields Family, My wife and I give you our sincere condolences. I too was in Iraq, and know what Nathan, was going through. I only wished that he too could have made it home. I did not know him personally. But since I have served for many years I have learned that it takes someone special to do what Nathan has done. Please remember that he may not be here in person but will always be there in spirit. We will have Nathan in all our prayers and since I have drill this weekend I will see that we have a moment of silence for Nathan. Your are all in our prayers too.

SSG Gary A and Jody Larson

16 Jan 2006

I can not express how sorry I am to hear about the loss of Sgt. Nate Field. He was a great person whom I got the opportunity to know through the Pocahontas unit. We looked forward to hanging out with all of them every month for drills. I won't forget the dazzling vocal performances he would give on Saturday night Karaoke :) Our group won't be the same without Nate!! I am so glad that I got to know him and that I can say he was on my side!!

To Nate's family, fiancйe and army brothers, In November I also lost a close friend in Iraq, SGT Greg Tull, and know of the sorrow that you are feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with you now and will be forever!

To his parents: Thank you for sharing Nate with us and allowing us to see the amazing person he was.

To Nate: Thank you so much Nate for your sacrifice, we're thinking of you always buddy. We love you and will miss you always! You are a true Hero! My prayers are with you!

Kate Goedert Pocahontas, IA

16 Jan 2006

To me, at first, it seemed so unreal. It was like at first we were saying good-bye and then all of a sudden he's gone. I sent him a letter a few days before but he never got it. He was a pretty cool cousin to me and gave great hugs. I have enjoyed listening to the stories he told about his different jobs and what it was like. I've always secretly looked up to him like a brother. He's done allot of neat things and good things. He was a young soldier fighting for our country and I will admire him always. I feel pretty proud knowing that my cousin was one of the Troops fighting for our country! We will all miss you Nater, you will be in our minds and hearts forever!

With all my love, your cousin Natalie.

17 Jan 2006

To Nathan and fellow servicemen and women, Thank-you! I know Nate from his school days with my son Shane, and daughter Sara. He was funny and made people laugh. Thank-you God for giving us Nathan even for a short time! Bless his family and friends through this difficult time.

Melanie Baade Bintz, Dayton Iowa

17 Jan 2006

Nate was a great brother-in-law, and uncle. The first time he saw his nephew he was not sure if he wanted to hold him or not. He said he might hurt him.. Nate called Eli on the 5th. They talked about the normal stuff (the Hawks, Bears, brother stuff) then Nate asked to talk to Elias. Elias never did say anything until the phone was away from his ear. But Nate did end up hearing him say some stuff. Nate was so excited to get home so that he could see Elias walk and play with him. I am sure he is watching him now and saying Man, they have their hands full. :) Ever since I knew Nate he has filled my life with memories. Those are things we have to keep close to us now. All the great memories that we had with him. We love you and miss you so much Nate!!

Love, Kathy and Elias

17 Jan 2006

To all who loved and were touched by Nate’s presence, my deepest sympathies go out to you. We all know how outstanding of a person he was as a soldier, son, brother, uncle and friend. In Nate’s civilian life, he was a youth counselor at Rabiner’s Treatment Center. I know he was a favorite counselor for the boys and I’m sure he had a big impact on them. If anyone could help a troubled youth excel, I know it was within Nate’s abilities. Everywhere we look in Nate’s life, it seems he was always somebody’s guardian. Whether it was the boys at Rabiner’s, his fellow soldiers, Kathy, Elias and the rest of the family while Eli was in Afghanistan, Through his engagement with Connie, we know he wished to be her guardian through life as well. I guess if anyone is more suited to be an angel watching over us, Nate is definitely that person. Peace be with us all knowing we’ll be with Nate again, someday. D

Ebbie, Gowrie Iowa

Dedication song to Nate ( www.hit-country-music-lyrics.com/Kenney-Chesney-Who-Youd-Be-Today-Lyrics.html  )

17 Jan 2006

My son SSG Casey Schwab is in the 414th MPCO and serving in Iraq currently. He was a friend of Nathan's. Casey told me what a fine soldier Nathan is and he how much he will be missed by so many. I pray for you and your family and hope God gives you his grace and strength to get through your loss. I feel deep sadness for your loss and just want you to know your sons sacrifice for our country can never be measured in words. Thank you for having such a magnificent son with such great courage. God Be With You.

Mrs. Janet Schwab Tionesta, PA 16353

18 Jan 2006

Nathan it was great to serve with you, you could always make someone smile and enlighten their day. You will be greatly missed. God bless.

SSgt. Raymond Surber USAF.

18 Jan 2006

My son, Aaron Arthur, is a fellow soldier and friend of Nate's. Please accept sincere condolences from our family to yours. Our hearts are filled with grief, as well as gratitude.

Vern and Jo Arthur and Family. Waverly, Iowa

18 Jan 2006

Mary and Family, although I didn't know Nathan I know you Mary and the deep void you must be feeling with the loss of your son. My heart aches for your whole family. Your son was a true and brave man for doing what he believed in. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and always.

Carla Montuoro and family Cedar Rapids, IA

18 Jan 2006

Sgt Field was like a brother to me. We joined the 4249th at about the same time and it wont be the same without him. Field had a great sense of humor and was always there to listen if you wanted to talk. Il never forget how he loved to drive my car while in North Carolina. Fieldy, ill never forget you and ill see you on the other side.

SPC Nicholas Van Ginkel

18 Jan 2006

Today we laid to rest SGT Nathan R Field, whom I am proud to say was my nephew, in a quiet rural cemetery barely one mile from his father's home, outside Lehigh IA. It was a service complete with bagpipes, people waving flags along the procession route and an outpouring of people from all walks of life to honor your fallen brother and I will keep it within my heart forever. We were stunned by the numbers of soldiers and veterans that came to honor Nate. We also appreciated those wives and other loved ones who came---we will never forget you and will hold you in our hearts.

Yesterday we held a memorial service before the visitation began. It was made extra-special to us because my husband and I were able to share with those who attended many of the e-mails that we received. Everyone was able to laugh and cry with the stories you had written here. For taking the time to let our family know how much Nathan meant to all of you, we will be forever grateful as we have a better idea of the many other lives he touched.

My husband told Eli and Nathan when each of them left to go to Afghanistan and Iraq to "Stay low soldier, stay low." But today when he told Nate good-bye, he told him to "Go High Soldier." This summer when we go to Minnesota to Nate and our favorite fishing hole and we see a bald eagle in flight, we will know that Nate's spirit in riding on it's wings.

May God be with you all.

Aunt Jennifer and Uncle John Field

19 Jan 2006

Today we buried our soldier Sgt Nathan Field who I am so proud to call my nephew. The events of the past 11 days have been filled with allot of emotions for us as a family, at first it was shock, disbelief and questions of how and why. In the midst of my pain I always remembered that Nathan was doing what he loved and believed in and I will always be proud of him for that. We have had the honor to meet so many of Nathan's friends and his military family. He was so lucky to have known you all. As I always told Nathan at the end of every e-mail I sent him and his company in Iraq stay safe and we are proud of what you do for our country. Nathan will be missed. He is gone but not forgotten.

Love Always Aunt Susan, Uncle Alan, Angela and Sarah Haberl

19 Jan 2006

Dear Nate {and the rest of my family}

You are my cousin and I love you dearly

You may be gone in life but your never gone in my heart

You are here with me as I type this

I just want you to know I will miss you forever

There are a lot of good memories I could share but they make me cry so I would rather not

But I loved you so..even thought we didnt see each other for a while

Love you and the rest of my family


Love your cousin Mara Freese


19 Jan 2006

I wanted to add something else

Mary we love you with all our hearts.. were sorry

Eli we love you the same and can never know what your going through

Bill we miss and love you too

I wanted to say I put these in here so late because I didnt want my thoughts read outloud but than I relized it didnt matter so to all who loved Nathan as much as I did I feel your pain


Love you lots Mara...Lissa...

19 Jan 2006

Nate I only new you for a few short years but you had a smile that could light up any room and a laugh that I will never forget!!! I will miss you forever buddy!!!!

To Nate's family and to Connie I am deeply sorry for your loss and will forever have Nate in my thoughts and prayers!!!!! He was an awesome man and touched everybody's hearts!!!!

20 Jan 2006

Field, It is hard put in words the impact you have had on my life and the lives around you. You were always there. When there were hard times you had the smile and positive attitude to change any situation. I never had the chance to thank you for all that you have done for me. I know you can hear me. Thanks buddy.

To all the family, friends, fiancйe' and fellow soldiers I am glad that Nathan was a part of your lives. It was an honor to have known such a great man. Keep smiling Field, I know you will still be there to help us all out.

Love you and I will see you when it's time.

Sgt. Egli 4249th, 304th

20 Jan 2006

http://www.beforeyougo.us I thought this site was fitting.

21 Jan 2006

"Love cannot be written on paper, for paper can be erased. Nor is it etched in stone, for stone can be broken. But it is inscribed on a heart and there it shall remain forever..."

It is always difficult to find the right words, and it is difficult to remain silent when so many tears, questions, and so much hurting and/or anger is in so many hearts. We have laid to rest in the Heaven above, a very loved young man. We all, family, friends, soldiers...have shared tears, memories...we've laughed we've cried...we've stuck together. It seemed so unbearable at first, and Eli, Bill, Mary, among others, I am sure didn't know how we'd pull through...with the love of family, friends we did. Eli, Mary and Bill, I wish I could have done more...It was a great honor to put together the scrapbook I made for all of you to share, but for Kathy and Eli to share as Elias grows. Eli and Kathy and my little buddy Elias...Nate and I shared the honor of standing up for you on your wedding day, you gave us the privilege of being the God-Parents of Elias, and with that honor I felt, even though we will never let Nate out of our hearts, it was my honor to help create memories for Elias, of just how special his uncle Nate is...Eli, you know we've (our family) been down this road not to long ago, when we lost April, and I don't know your feelings, but I know how I felt during that time...You are a VERY strong man. You are faithful, loyal, and you've done some things in the last week or two that I could not even begin to imagine what it must of been like for you. But your honor, loyalty, faithfulness to your brother and family, and doing what you did...there are simply no words to describe it...I cannot promise I will say the right things, or maybe I need to say nothing at all, You and your family, have been family since you and Kathy got together. It just seemed like it clicked...We've shared Holiday's, Parties, Baby Showers, b-day parties...several occasions as one big family, I am here if any of you need anything...Don't hesitate to call, day or night...drop in...I will listen. That's for any of you/us, family, friends, soldiers, and your spouses...Eli, Kathy, Mary, Bill, Lee...and so on right on down/up the family tree. Thank You so much to all of you who sent pictures to me for the scrap-book, who sent notes, emails...it was comforting to know that Nate was surrounded by love, friends, and family. God Bless all of You...

Chrissie Willison---Farnhamville Iowa

21 Jan 2006

Field... I miss you so much man, I just look at the pictures I have of me and you all the time and still can't believe your not in Iowa working, waiting for me to come back so we can get together and talk about all the times we spent together, all the stupid things we did, all the crappy times we had and how we somehow made it through. I remember sitting out on the perimeter road in North Carolina talking about life, God and everything else we could think up. Buying our $300 dollar station wagon and all the trips we made to Wilmington praying it would make it home. Telling you over and over to be ready to go at 8:00 am, only to come over and have to wake you up and pull you out of your bed so we could go do what ever it was that was so important at the time :) The time you, at 90 lbs soaking wet and the smallest out of 6 guys stood up to a giant of a man who could of eaten you for breakfast, all for my brother and your friend Mc. And you know Field I think that guy was scared. You have such a passion for everything, there was no person, task or challenge to big for you. Didn't even matter if they were 3 feet taller and about 300lbs bigger! :) You are an amazing man Field!! I just can't stop looking at that picture of all of us at my wedding, you, me, Mc, Will, and my other brothers. Your smile, the way you tilt your head to one side.... I miss you so much. I would say I am amazed by all the people whose lives you have made an impact on but I am not, you are just that kind of guy. I Love You, and I thank God for putting you in my life. I love you and miss you so much.


21 Jan 2006

To Bailey if you see this thanks for the nice entry to Nathan. It made me laugh which is hard for me some days without Nathan here. The events of the last few days have been left my family filled with alot of different emotions. So it is nice when I can laugh. Thanks again

Susan Haberl (Nathans aunt)

21 Jan 2006

I am the mother of Spc Robert Johnson and I want to send my prayers to you and your family and to let you know that it was a blessing to get to talk to his father and mother and girlfriend. Maybe you also find peace in the days to come. I am greatful that my son got to know such a wonderful person. I will think of you often and remember you are in my prayers. Thank you.

Amanda Johnson mother to Robert

21 Jan 2006

Mary, Bill, and Eli I just want to let you know that I am still here for you and always will be. I would like to stay close to all of you, so whatever it takes lets do it, because seeing you so recently really made me realize how much I miss you all. I hope you all are doing better.

Next time I'm in Fort Dodge I will for surely call you up, all of you.

I love you with all of my heart, and once again I am sorry. Although I say I love you all allot you will never know how much I do, because it is that much.

Love Lucas

22 Jan 2006

Nate was a good friend to everyone he met. He was always a fun guy to be around. I'll never forget after whte wedding in Kansas City. My thoughts and prayers are with the Field family and Connie.

Brandon Osborne (Sparky)

22 Jan 2006

Nate what a special person you have been in my heart. You are one of my many adopted kids. I will never forget the night before Missy and Justin got married at the motel. We had such a great time. Then the night of the wedding, the two of us going out to take a drink of what we had brought with us from the motel. We were both nervous about the wedding, you about the toast you had to make and me being the mom of the bride. I will miss you greatly and I know that the kids will too. I know that you are up in heaven watching out for all of us. Thank you for being the special guy that you are and have been. I love and miss you lots.

Pam Osborne mom of Brandon Osborne and Missy Nowell

23 Jan 2006

SGT Field, You will be missed and never forgotten. You were truly a Great Soldier and a Great person. Even though I only saw ya come a go during guard mount at Sunny Point and at drills with the 4249th PSC (MP) I did see the greatness in you. My heart goes out to you and your family.


23 Jan 2006

Nathan was an exceptional young man and soldier. It was my pleasure to have worked with him. I pray that God will give his family Peace, Comfort and Understanding GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU.

Glenn Webb Sunny Point Security.

24 Jan 2006

We will all miss you. You were a great soldier and a great friend.

SPC Lee, Jeffrey M

26 Jan 2006

I'll never forget you brother you will always be with me heart and mind..

Sgt David Roller

27 Jan 2006

I really don't even know how long I have known Nate, but it has been a long time. He was very good friends with my sister, and I always thought of him as a big brother. He was very protective over the people he cared about, and wouldn't let anything happen to them, if he could do something about it. When I first met him I thought he was younger than he really was cuz he was so little. Little Nathan, always smiling and laughing. To me Nathan was an Angel, there are very few people like that, but when he would walk into a room there was always this light around him, he always lit up the room just being him. I have been so blessed just being able to say I knew him and he was a friend. I will never forget when I had heard, the only thing I could think of is the last time I saw him and the last time that I had talked to him. I had only talked to him a few days before, and he was telling me how much he missed everyone, and I was telling him how good it was to hear from him, and know that he was safe. He had so much love inside of him, all he could do was love everyone, I don't know of one person that could say they didn't like Nathan or that Nathan was a bad person, b/c that just wasn't Nate!! He had the biggest heart ever. My best memory is Karaoke at Amigos, he would always sing, and he always sang that song, and this will forever be his song, b/c he just always did so great, Piano Man!! He was always so kind and sweet, and loving and caring. I don't really know his family, but words can only say so much, and I don't think I have heard anything that would make this easier on me, so I am sure what your going through is way bigger, but always know that Nate was a good man. He loved what he did, he had so many accomplishments in his life, and he went knowing that he had a full life, of family, friends, love, everything you need. He is in a better place now, and he is looking down on us comforting us, and telling us to go on, b/c he will be waiting up there for us till we come. He was raised so well, he loved and loved forever. He will always be remembered, never forgotten. I luv you Nathan and I will miss you so much!!!!

28 Jan 2006

To the family of Sgt Nathan Field I would like to extend my deepest condolences to your family for the lose of a great man. I can only imagine what you are going through and I truly wish the best. I remember the first time I met Sgt Field back at Ft. Dix. We bunked beside each other for a few short weeks and I enjoyed his company and wit the whole time. He was a great guy to hang around with. Since the time we were first deployed, I tried to prepare myself for how to react to losing a brother like him and I found out quick that I couldn't. I miss his smile and his laugh but I know that you by far have lost more than I. I wish the best for you guys and just know that he was loved and admired by us all here and I hope one day that I get the opportunity to see him again.

Cpl Christopher Hux, Conia, Zoe and Anna

01 Feb 2006

This is SFC Davis again, I know I already wrote once, ( I was his Platoon Sergeant for the first 5 years). I just want to share a memory of him that I cannot stop thinking about. One day, SGT Field, (Specialist at the time) thought it would be great to make a training video for all the other soldiers to learn from. It included pepper spray. I being a police officer in Webster City, thought it would be a great opportunity. SPC Field and SPC Bailey (who were best friends by the way) approached me with the training plan. Well, to make a long story short, I used my police car and SPC Field volunteered to be the bad guy. I pepper sprayed him and then hit him over the back with a baton. Leaving a welt from his shoulder to his lower back. This was one of the funniest moments in my life. Field cussed, yelled and said all kinds of bad things (I'm sure his mother wouldn't approve of :-) His eyes were burning out of his head, and his back hurt. I know this sounds cruel, but what he said to me after words will stay with me forever. "If soldiers learn from this, then it was worth it!" When me and Bailey got done laughing. We hugged him and told him what a good sport he was. HE DID NOT AGREE!!!! Anyway, I just want people (especially the soldiers) to know. My good friend SGT Field would have endured "ANYTHING" to make sure the training was real. To his family, I hope this helps you understand, how important he was to us, and how much we loved him!!!!! To SGT Field, cant wait to hug you again, and laugh about the old days!!!! See ya on the other side bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02 Feb 2006

When I think of Nate, I think of that lanky walk, his sparkling blue eyes and his head tilted to the side with his smile. It has taken me a long time to write on here because I continually wondered what to say that hasn't already been said about this special person to so many. Everyday I think of something or hear something and it either makes me think of him or his family, then I wonder how they are and hope they are getting through this in some kind of way. He was someone everyone wanted be around and be friends with. I often wonder why these kind of things have to happen and why it had to be him, not that I want it to be someone else either. I had the privilege of meeting his family at his funeral and saw so much of him in them and smiled at just watching them because it reminded me of him. At the same time it made me so sad to see them and Connie have to deal with such an incredible loss. I had the privilege to work with both him and Connie at Rabiner Treatment Center for boys and they are both such beautiful people and really take pride in what they do. I know his family knows what a wonderful person he is but I just wanted to say so myself. I have never had to deal with a loss like this before, you here about others like him and are sad for them and their loved ones but don't really know what it feels like when you don't know them personally. Now so many of us do and there are so many unanswered questions and the hurt I don't think ever really goes away. I am privileged for knowing him. Mr. Field and Mrs. Field you raised an incredible son that touched so many in such a short time. I know I can't even imagine what your family is going through. Connie he loved you so much and know that so many of us are thinking of you. Please remember we are here for you any time and you are not bothering us or interrupting our lives. That is what friends do.

Tami Swanson

03 Feb 2006

To the family of SGT Field,

I had not the pleasure of serving with your son as I had left the unit prior to his arrival. So many of the people in the 414th have been on every deployment since 9/11 to include Egypt (non-deployment).

The bond had been made that will never be broken by any man-made force. Your son had an opportunity to enter that bonded unit and become a strengthening entity within its heart and soul. Though he will be missed by so many, his personality and leadership impressions will be forever instilled in the younger soldiers in the unit so that the torch may be carried by another in the name of freedom.

My prayers go out to all who he has left behind. He now joins SSG Doug "Duggie Fresh" Mowris, SPC David "Butch" Hall, and SPC Robert Johnson so that the team they now form can be guardian angels for those who need their strength to bring their soldiers home.

SGT Stoney McCleery 1/202 ADA 91-97 414 MP Co 97-05

04 Feb 2006

I first met Nate while working at Rabiner Treatment Center. At the time we were both Youth Care Workers and we were playing baseball with our clients. If I only knew at the time how good of friends we would be come. I moved in with Nate, Jesse, and Tanner in August of 2004. There was never a dull moment. We all 4 worked together at the Ranch. I remember coming home after a night at the bar with Jesse and Nate, and those two going up and banging the heck out of Tanners door just to wake him up to tell him good night. If it wasn't for Nate, I never would have gotten the nerve up to do Kareoke. There were so many nights we would go and drink and sing at Goodies. When Nate and Connie got together I was so happy for them. I know I wasn't the only one Nate asked about asking Connie to marry him but I was honored that he asked my opinion. They say opposites atract, well it was true for them, so true that they were perfect for each other. I was very honored when they asked if I would be an usher in their wedding. Connie and Nate really helped me and my fiancee when we first start dating. I don't think we would be where we are today if it wasn't for them being there in the begining of our relationship. I was going to return they honor to Nate by having him be a part in my wedding party, either as a groomsman or an usher. I Nate will be looking down on my at mine and Kati's wedding so I am honoring him by making him an Honorary Bestman, because of all he has done for me. We both became Shift Leaders at the Ranch. Recently I took over the Daily Choices program at the Ranch, which is the program Nate was working in when he went to Iraq, and I couldn't wait for him to come back so I could be his boss and work with him, while we worked with the kids. Someday the Hawkeyes are going to win the National Championship in football and I know Nate had something to do with it. I am also sure after Nate walked through the Golden Gates in Heaven he asked God to feel how big his bicepts were, just like he did with everyone. Connie, Kati and I are here for you if you need everything. I will cherish all the memories and the picture of us singing Kareoke. If I am as lucky as you and go to Heaven myself, I bring the Skoal and Smokes, you bring the Beer and we will show everybody up there how small town Iowa boys have a good time. Your friend, Chad Swanson

04 Feb 2006

Nate, It has taken me almost a month to figure out which memory of you I wanted to share with everyone on here so here are a few. I will never forget your smile or your bulging biceps. I will never forget you walking in to class the first day of our sophomore year and showing everyone how much taller you were since the last time you saw them…you were no longer one of the shortest people in the class. I will never forget you trying to wake me up when the diesel started to gel up on the bus ride home, for Christmas, from basic training. It snowed hard that day and you didn’t think we were going to make it. It was a blast watching you and Isaac falling all over the place during the first time we went snow boarding. I was sore from laughing but I am sure both of you were pretty sore too. Amber and I were honored that you were part of our wedding. I always looked forward to seeing you when I could make it home. I was thrilled when you emailed me back as I was sitting on duty new years eve and will probably keep your emails forever. You were a big part of my life and every memory will be cherished. Thank you! I look forward to our next wrestling match! Only this time there shouldn’t be any bruises or rug burn. Bill, Mary, Eli, Connie, Thank you for sharing such a great person with all of us. He touched many people during his short stay here with us. This world would be a much better place if everyone had as big of a heart as Nate did. Please let me know if you need anything. We will be returning to Iowa late August and look forward to seeing you again. Braden, Amber & Alexis Nemechek Fort Drum, NY

05 Feb 2006

I have had the honor of knowing Nate when I first met his brother Eli. Nate was just a young kid and I was able to watch him grow into a man and a great Soldier. My heart goes out to Nate's family and friends who will miss him. I just think of the times he would come into my office not matter how bad the day was, Nate would turn it around. To Nate's family I would like say thank you for giving me the chance to know your son. We all here in Fort Dodge will miss him and are very sadden for your family. Charles Price SFC, USA US Army Recruiting Station Fort Dodge

06 Feb 2006

Hey Nate, its me Steph again...well tomorrow it will be one month...I still think about you every single day..and still miss you so much. This past weekend was drill weekend, and I went uptown and partied with "my army boys" but it just wasent the same :( There were alot of songs sang and deticated to you...the most popular one being "Pround to be an American"...I bawl every time I hear that song...but anyways we had a good time cuz I know you were watching over us and smiling!!! God I miss that smile...oh the boys also had a memorial sevice out at the unit for you Sunday, which I never made it to.. but Katie and I did stop out Saturday night to see a few of the guys...and also saw the star we got for the army boys in memory of you...well anyways I just wanted to let you know even tho its been a month Im still thinking about you night and day...Nate you are my HERO and I will NEVER forget the great times we spent together...Love you and miss you...Stephanie Cundiff

07 Feb 2006

Dear Nathan, It has been one month today since we said good-bye to you. Somedays it seems like just yesterday and then others it seems like we have been trying to deal for years. I am not sure what I will do with my day today but no matter what I will carry you with me today and always. That much I know. I try to keep in mind all of the good people we have met and all of the nice things people have done for all of us. GFS, where Alan and I work have taken up a collection so we can purchase a historic tree to plant somewhere. I have been touched by this and we will try to find the perfect tree and plant it in the perfect spot just for you. I guess that is all for now Nathan as I used to tell Julie when she and I would spend our tuesdays together, there was one tuesday when I was reading a letter I had written to her telling her it was okay to go if the pain was getting to be too much. I told her we could hug from heaven and I will tell you that too hugs from here Nathan. Love always Aunt Susan

09 Feb 2006

i just wanted to share one other story about nate with everyone first nate was like my brother we grew up together drank together started smoking together almost everything i did was with nate and the guys but one time me and nate were bord and he talked me into not going to work that night so we could hang out and we decited to drive to dolliver park to see how bad the road was flooded when we got there the water was around six feet over the road so we walk to the little dam to see how bad the creek was flooded as we watched the water flowing over the dam nate looked at me with that half smile smerk of his and said i ll give ya 20 bucks if ya jump in i looked for a second and looked back and him and said can i take my shirt and shoes off he said yes but dont do it i asked him if he was ganna pay me he said ya but dont do it so then i jumped in to about 4 inchs of water witched looked five feet deep and heard a pop as i layed in the freezen water i looked up at nate i told him i thought my leg was broke all he said was can you walk on it and i said ya so of course it wasent broke two hours later nate and my brother tanner were driving me to the E R because my leg was brook me and nate sware never to tell our parents about that in fear that our dads would make us pay for the leg with ended up needing surgry and costing around 20,000 dollers the night after nate died i told my parents this story for the first time and my dad told me some how he always new that we wernt telling the truth because when nate and i were together there was always truble i still miss nate every day and i will always miss him but everyone needs to remeber the good and not the bad because nate would have said to have fun and laught dont cry and i ll see ya soon bud we all miss nate and loved him and well all see him agian if anyone wants or need to talk littelt@hotmail.com Tyler Nowell nates bud

11 Feb 2006


14 Feb 2006

Nate What to say man this kid had the light that made everyone around him feel good he could make a bad night a good night by just being Nate. I worked with Nate at the Boys ranch and everyday was a great day for Nate no matter how bad his day went Nate would have a smile for everyone. One of my fondest moments was when we went to early Iowa and watched Nates Favorite band Tantrum 2 Blind and Nate was being Nate havign a good time and he was dancing on tables laughing hooting and hollaring it was great and a big bouncer stated to Nate sir get down Nates response was Not a opition which was his favorite saying the guy got a little more upset with Nate and stated sir get down or you will have to leave Nate says yes Sir and gets down it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. But honestly to his family YOu guys had a great son he was full of everything that a son should be you did good. COnnie If you ever need anything Call me or Anna we are here for you. Nate we will have that beer I promised ya before ya left brother!!!!!!!! See ya On the flipside................ Joe Canavan

14 Feb 2006

Me, as well as many others met Nate while working at the boy's ranch. Many have summed up completely the soldier, man, family member, friend, and coworker Nate was. It is still shocking and painful that he is not here on earth, but the shock and pain are eased when remembering what a great person he was! I am grateful that I had the opportunity to know and work with Nate and I definately appreciate his committment to serving our country! Prayers to Nate's family and Connie. Amy Ries

15 Feb 2006

Dear Nathan, Just wanted to come in and say that I miss you Love Susan

15 Feb 2006

Nate was one of those people that would do about anything you asked of him. I remember back in middle school we had to ride the bus from Burnside to Dayton everyday. If you offered Nate enough money he would eat anything off the floor, within reason. It was usually disgusting, an old oreo or something along those lines. Nate would do it though. I also remember when Nate and I went to Kansas City for our friend Braden's wedding. We both worked our shifts at the ranch, hopped in my car and took off. On the way down Nate would put in a cd, listen to about 30 seconds of it and then put in another one. I thought I was going to kill him. That was about the most annoying thing I can remember. Of course when it came to Nate even the annoying things were fun. No matter how boring, or pointless the task Nate made it interesting. Whether through his endless comments, or actions. I have so many memories, I would share them all but I know there are some that Nate wouldn't want people to know. It's been tough, but we are all getting through it the best we can. Thats what Nate would want us to do. To Nate, thanks for the memories, and the strength you gave me. We will have to sit back, crack a few open and talk of the old times when I see you again.

23 Feb 2006

Hey its Chad again. It doesn't seem like its been a month since the funeral. Some of us at work will see each other and stop and say hi and maybe tell a story or two, and most of the time a story about Nate comes up. I guess thats why it hasn't seemed that long, because he left us with so many memories that it seems like he is still around.I have always had great respect for all branches of the Military, My dad, a couple of uncles, and one of my grandfathers were all in the Army, but knowing Nate has made me give all braches from the Army to the Marines, to the Air Force, to the Navy, and the Coast Guard a whole lot more RESPECT. Lately when I feel down or overwhelmed I think of something Nate did and I usually give myself a chuckle, and sometimes I feel a tear welling up, but whether I laugh or cry I usually feel better, because I remember what a great friend and person he was and still is. If you have ever watched the movie "8 Seconds" about Lane Frost, at the end of the movie there is a song by Billy Dean called "Once in a While", if you ever get the chance to listen to it, it totally fits Nate in every way. I still miss you buddy, I hope your doing good up there, and could ya put in a good word for me.

07 Mar 2006

Well today marks the 2 month mark, and im still thinking about you daily...thinking about all the great times we had together...the guys had drill again this past weekend and to tell ya the truth it SUCKS without you there...its just not the same...i dont even really look forward to going up there as much as i used to when you were up there...you were the life of the party...i just wanted to let you know your still in my thoughts and prayers...and you will NEVER be forgotten...you are my true HERO!!!! love ya and miss ya!!!!

08 Mar 2006

Dear Nathan, It has been 2 months now since you left us. I have been getting e-mails from some of your friends overseas and they have said alot of great things about you, they were lucky to you have you as you were them. We miss you everyday Nathan. Not much else I can say right now. Miss you lots Love Aunt Susan

09 Mar 2006

Nate- Still think about you everyday! Still so hard to believe. Know your watchin all of us from up there. We miss u

11 Mar 2006

Hey Nate. Your brother is off to drill again. We were up last night talking about yah. He really misses you. Just like we all do. We think about yah all the time. I still look at your pictures and it just doesn't seem real. Elias is doing a lot of stuff now. I know your watching out for him when he does some of the things he does. Your brother says he acts a lot like you.. From what I have heard I think he does too. The Hawks won yesterday!! Your brother didn't think they would pull it off.. He really misses not talking to you about that kind of stuff... We love yah and miss you a lot..

15 Mar 2006

Bless this soldier!!!!!!!! suzzee Mull, IL.

17 Mar 2006

I know I have wrote in twice, but I am gonna write in agian. I am SFC Davis, I just want to let you know Nate, It has been two months, but I still miss you like I did the first day. I cant stop thinking about the impression you have made on my life. I love you, I miss you, and I am having one hell of a time dealing with the loss of you. I started going to church again, because I cant make sense of what is going on. I have come to realize that I will see you agian. It might be 50 yrs. from now, but I cant wait. I love you bro!!!!!! I spoke to your family briefley at the funeral!!!! There was a million words that I wanted to say to them, however, the only words that would come out was "how proud of you I was". You are my "HERO" and you always will be. I cant help but to say, I am struggling with your loss. But I also cant help it but to say, " I cant wait to see you on the other side"; We will have fun agian!!!!! You are my brother, you are my friend, you are what I will believe in!!!!!! "UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN" "U WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, BE FORGOTTEN BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SFC Davis, your first Platoon Sergeant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31 Mar 2006

I can't believe it's been this long already, I can't believe we hadn't talked to eachother in so long. You were my best friend growing up and I don't know where I would be without you. You were the one that dumped a girl in middle school so I could date her, You picked me up and gave me a ride home after I totalled my car, we shaved our heads together against our mother's wishes in middle school and we got our first tattoos together. It all hurts so much more because we went through so much together then we just completely split due to military. I was back home on leave for a couple weeks before I got the news. I asked benny for your phone number...if only I had asked sooner. I love ya man, you will never be forgotten. Bill.

31 Mar 2006

I would like everyone to know that Eli has set up a website for Nate at http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Field&GSfn=Nathan&GSmn=R&GSbyrel=all&GSdyrel=all&GSob=n&GRid=13607164& I hope it will work so you can all leave your thoughts there also. We love ya Nate

04 Apr 2006

nate was a good man i had him as a staff but as a friend and i will forever and always miss him but i will never completely forget him. matt gabrielson

04 Apr 2006

nate was a very good guy and i think everyone should be proud of him so never forget him but go on with your lives living as we have been but keep him in mind when your feeling blue and know that he died for a good reason. Matt gabrielson

04 Apr 2006

nate was a very good guy and i think everyone should be proud of him so never forget him but go on with your lives living as we have been but keep him in mind when your feeling blue and know that he died for a good reason. Matt gabrielson

04 Apr 2006

nate was a great guy he never gsve up on any of us out at the ranch so that is why we liked him so much. i really miss him and will not ever be able to let him go for the fact that he was one of the best people i have ever known in my whole entire life, because he is a good mentor and i will always miss him. Matt Gabrielson

05 Apr 2006

hello this is robert's mom just wanted to let you know i am thinking about nathan's family and connie. to you nathan i have gotten to talk to your mom she seems like a great person and i think we were suppose to get to know each other. because of you and robert i get the chance to have another great friend. you are missed. i also think about you each day just like i think of my robert. love to each of you. god's perfect angels. amanda robert's mom

07 Apr 2006

Deae Nathan, It has been three months today since you and Robert left us and it sometimes still does not seem real. On other days we miss you more then words can say. However we try to live life as much as we can. We saw Eli, Kathy and EIias last weekend at Johns 50th surprise party. YES I said 50th! Elias is growing up so nicely. We love him SO MUCH! It is things like that are not the same without you and Julie there with us. We miss you both! Not much else I can say now. I am busy getting ready for Sarahs graduation and so I have been busy with 17 years of scrapbooking! Well I guess I better go for now. Love you always Susan,Alan and girls

10 Apr 2006

Hey Nate. Your brother had drill again this weekend. He said he had fun... Can you believe it FUN! We took Elias to Olson Park today. He got his first skinned knee. Did you see it? He didn't even cry. He is a strong boy, like his uncle and dad. While we were there Eli told me some stories about you two there. We really miss you. This summer is not going to be the same without you. We love you Nate.

11 Apr 2006

To the family of Nate. I worked with Nate at Payless, then after that cut his hair before I got married and moved. He was always a extremly nice guy. Always helping and making me laugh. My husband is in the Army, getting ready to deploy soon. It is a scary feeling. Especially since there are 2 soilders I know who have not come home. God Bless you. Corinne Jackson

11 Apr 2006

Thanks Battle for your sacrifice Chris Parkinson 72nd MP Co.

15 Apr 2006

Hey Nathan I just wanted to come in and tell you I love you always Susan

24 Apr 2006

Happy Birthday Nate!! It is hard to believe a year ago today you, your dad, Leigh, Elias and I were all sitting out at your dad's for your birthday. I remember that we got a laugh out of the candle that was on your cake. We had a lot of fun that evening. We really miss you. Nothing is the same anymore without you. We love you and we will see you again. Love Always Kathy and Elias

24 Apr 2006

Hello from Nevada, Iowa Nathan HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! Just wanted to come in and let you know how much we miss you! We try to make the best of each day. On the days that seem harder then others I think good thoughts and hope the next day will be different. Hugs to you and Julie from here Love You and miss you always Aunt Susan

24 Apr 2006

SGT Field, You are in everyone's thoughts today. -the 414th

24 Apr 2006

Happy Golden Birthday Nate! I miss you so much. Love Duple

24 Apr 2006

I wish i could buy you that birthday drink but i am sure your haveing one up there. i miss you more everyday, i cant wait to see you agian love ya more then your every know tyler

24 Apr 2006

Nathan, This is the anniversary of your 24th birthday. I intend to always honor this day as one of the most important in my life. 24 years ago, a beautiful, baby boy was given to us by God to love and to cherish. You are and always have been God's angel and you have always belonged to Him. Now, you have returned to the one that created you. This is very difficult to accept right now as I miss you so much and feel such a great loss over you being gone from us. I have honored your request to help Connie and will continue for as long as she wants me to. It is not a burden but an honor to know and love Connie. You picked well Nathan-and I believe that if soul mates exist, she is yours. Please be with us and give us strength to live life as you lived it-with courage and compassion for others. As we let go of our balloons and set the sky afire with fireworks tonight, we remember and will never forget you. What you began with your life we continue in your name. I love you and miss you and will always be your mom.

24 Apr 2006

Nathan, Tonight to remember you Uncle Alan, Sarah, her friend Ruth and I went out to a local cemetary to the graves of 2 other young men from Nevada that left this world too soon, one in a car accident and the other overseas in Iraq one year ago. We decided that was fitting to let the balloons go from there to remember you. I always enjoy the sounds and the smells of the pine trees when the wind blows. We miss you each and every day but somehow we manage to find a good thing in each day. Nathan I will always love you and you are always in my heart. Love Susan

30 Apr 2006

Nate dogg happy belated b day brother I hope and only wished you could have been here to have a cold one with us we all miss you at Rabiner Joe Canavan

07 May 2006

hey hon, its been 4 months today since you have gone..and even though that time has passed i still think about you every day. Haha i found a G.I. Joe in my yard the other day and my first thought went to you...missy told me about you and your G.I. Joes...you are so funny. Bobby misses you alot also. Devon is going to be 7 months old on friday and i am so glad you got to see a picture of her in her Santa outfit. She is getting so big and she is about ready to crawl..so that makes me happy. I miss you hon more than anyone knows and i love you.

07 May 2006

Hi Nathan, It has been 4 months ago today since we lost you. We miss you as much now as we did then.We take one day at a time and try to make the best of each day. I talk with Kathy regularly via e-mail and she keeps me up on all that they are doing. Elias is growing up so much. Last night Sarah had her last prom and had a good time. We helped with the afterprom and had a great time! Sarah got home around noon today! We got home at 5:30 a.m. and slept until 12:00! We can still stay up all night at our ages even! Now that that is over we will put the finishing touches on Sarahs graduation. Well I miss you so much! Love Aunt Susan and all

07 May 2006

It is hard to believe 4 months have already passed by. Seems like just yesterday Nate, Chris and I were sitting on the beach in NC soaking up the rays. The summer of 2002 was a great one for various reasons. One of those reasons was Nate. He added so much joy and laughter into life. One thing that meant the world to me and my husband was that he traveled to Sioux Falls for our wedding. He was the only one from the unit that cared to make the trip and to me that just showed what kind of a friend he was to my husband and what kind of character he had. He came in smiling and ready to have fun. If I can take anything away from my short time with Nate it is ...find fun and laughter in life and enjoy it to the fullest extent. To Connie and his family...Thank you for sharing Nathan with us. I will miss him and I think of you all often. Please know I pray for God to give you all strength and courage everyday but especially during the hard times.

08 May 2006

Hey nate-bob. I know I'm late cause we share the same damn birthday but I'm getting a new tattoo in your honor. It will be the first since we got our irishman together. I would have gotten it by now but you know how life is on a soldier's pay, maybe you don't, you did make it to the NCO ranks afterall. I'm still a dirtbag airman. haha. I just tested for NCO but I don't think I'll get it this year, too busy having fun. Anyways, Just wanted you to know I still think about you all the time man.

10 May 2006

hello nathan's friends and family. its been 4 months and it is still the hardest thing that i have ever had to deal with but i have to thank my new friends nathan's mom. she really helps me alot. thank you so much. and all the letters i get for my son robert. i think about them everyday and every moment. i still have my angel watching over me. thank you mary for everything. mandy johnson robert's mom

17 May 2006

Hey brother. Missing you today just like everyday. Just seems to hurt a little more today. When I need you I stop and listen for you, I hear you answer me. I hear you voice in my head saying " hey brother". God we miss you Nate. All my love- Eli

27 May 2006

nate it still dosent seam real. i keep thinking your ganna pull up to my place with a 12 pack and were just ganna start talking about the old days. but i keep telling my self it wont happen. i just wish i could have seen ya one last time, but i ll see again someday bro sitting around that big camp fire in the sky save me a beer and a seat i ll be there one day ty

28 May 2006

Hey Nate. I was just telling a friend about you. I was thinking about how you can't stop talking about friends that have passed because they will be forgotten..... That will obviously never be the case with you because months have passed and yet there isn't a week that goes by that someone doesn't post something on here. I have too many great memories with you man and my life wouldn't be half of what it is if you were never in it. I miss you. Will.

28 May 2006

Hey Nate. I was just telling a friend about you. I was thinking about how you can't stop talking about friends that have passed because they will be forgotten..... That will obviously never be the case with you because months have passed and yet there isn't a week that goes by that someone doesn't post something on here. I have too many great memories with you man and my life wouldn't be half of what it is if you were never in it. I miss you. Will.

29 May 2006

Nate, it is Mermorial Day and for you to be honored. I honor and think of you daily. I love to come to this web site and read what people have to say. You were and are one loved person. Keep and eye on those guys still in Iraq, they can never have too many angels watching over them. God bless you and I sure do miss that smile. :) Jan

29 May 2006

Hey Nate Dogg On this day we remember those who have gave thier lives to our country and fighting for our country thank god for people like you we all miss and love you brother Joe Canavan

30 May 2006

Thank You. Dana Speakmon

30 May 2006

Hey Nate. Over the weekend your nephew said your name for the first time. I wanted you to hear it in person, althought I know you heard it up there. I know that you are with him a lot. I thank you so much for being with him. I am glad you keep yourself active in his life. This Memorial Day was really hard. We took flowers out to you yesterday, as I placed them on there I thought to myself how this could be real. It just doesn't seem possible. We love you and Thank You forever thing. Kathy and Elias

05 Jun 2006

Hey Nate, just wanted to say hi, you are thought of often by all. I see your brother at work now at the hospital and it makes me think of you. I know your watching over us all but it still doesn't seem fair that this had to happen to anyone. Just wanted to say HI especially with Memorial Day and all. I talk to Connie sometimes and try to keep her spirit up, she is so sad without you. Connie please remember to call anytime....... Tami

07 Jun 2006

Nate, I have made it a habit to look at this forum everyday and it is truly awesome how many people you touched! It is still very hard to believe that you are gone but the memories that you left us will never be forgotten. Thank you for serving our country and thank you for being a great friend. Your family will remain in our thoughts and prayers. Keep watching over us bud. SGT Braden Nemechek & family

08 Jun 2006

Hey Nathan, It has been 4 months today and we all still miss you as much as the first day. Love always Your Aunt Susan

08 Jun 2006

Hey again Nathan, Wow I am getting old I cannot even count anymore, it has been 5 months today. As they say first the mind then the body! Anyway miss you lots Love Susan

08 Jun 2006

hey nathan this is robert's mom i hope you and robert are keeping all the angels going. it is amazing how much you and robert were alike. your aunt jennifier sent me a beautiful quilt. i know you are missed just like my robert is but just like him you left a legend behind that will make alot of young people wish to be like. you were a great soldier. i have said this before and alway will feel this way but i am glad my son got to serve under you command. thanks for being a great leader. keep up the good work in heaven with the angels. always mandy robert's mom

12 Jun 2006

Hey Nate, just dropping by to say hi and Im really missing you. I catch myself thinking about you almost everyday so I come here and read all the awesome things everyone writes to and about you.. its amazing how many lives you touched in your short life. You really were a wonderful guy....miss you so much!!! love ya Steph Cundiff

16 Jun 2006

Nathan, This is one of Roberts friends. I know the hurt and pain that I feel for Robert and I know that you are feeling it also. Robert used to always go with my family and I to the beach every year and this is the first year he hasnt went. It is very hard, I know bit always rely on God and give it all to him. He will help you get through this. If there is anything I can do to help you just let me know. Connie, my heart goes out to you also. I cannot even begin to imagine how you are feeling. Always remember and thrive on the good times you shared together. I am glad that Robert and Nathan met. They seem kinda alike. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers. Kelli G. Williams: A really good friend of SPC Robert T. Johnson.

19 Jun 2006

Hey Nate! Today was Father's Day. It really hurts to know you won't be around to do all the things I know that you wanted to do with Elias. You were a great Godfather and you still are. I know you watch over Elias all the time. I am very thankful for that. We love you.. Kathy and Elias

24 Jun 2006

Sgt. Nathan Field, My Husband Well honey today is the day we would be changing our vows. You know you ment the world t me and you know how much I love you. I am so lost without you. I hope to be with you soon honey, because this hurts so bad. Your parents are the greatest you are so lucky to have parents like you do. Well honey I'm on my way to be with you on our biggest day ever. We will be letting off hawkeye colored balloons to you since our wedding is the hawkeyes. I love you with all my heart and soul and miss you so much honey. Will All My Love, Your Wife Connie Gruver-Field

24 Jun 2006

Nate- Today was suppose to be your wedding day. Connie is really hurting without you. She loves you so much. You have a great girl. We let balloons off today for your wedding day. Your brother is really hurting also. He was looking forward to your wedding so much. Just like your parents and the rest of your family and friends were. It has been a very long two weeks for your brother. He knows you were suppose to be home and you guys would have been doing all kinds of fun things. We miss you a lot Nate and we love you Kathy, and Elias

25 Jun 2006

Dear Nathan, Today was to be the day we were to share the special day with you, Connie and the rest of our family. I miss you so much Nathan and we all love you. To remember you I planted some flowers in my yard. I picked ones that were red, white and blue. Doing this was very therapeutic for me, it helped lessen my pain for a little while. I also purchased a flag and shepherds hook for my yard. Nathan I think of you everyday and wear the bracelot sent from your friends in the 414th everyday so you can be with me somehow. Connie, Bill and Mary and everyone else, hugs to you from Nevada. Love You always Nathan Aunt Susan

25 Jun 2006

hello nathan this is robert's mom just wanted to let you know i thought about connie yesterday and everyday. i feel so sad for and i know that god will keep her safe and i can only hope that she will recover alittle from loosing you. she has great memory of you and i hope that will be enough. connie i fill for you and i pray everyday and night that you will find some peace. robert's was my sunshine and i know you were connie's. continue to be her guardian angel she will alway need you. again god bless you connie. i think about all of you often. mandy robert's mom

30 Jun 2006

Thinking bout you Nate. Praying for Connie and your family! Keep watchin over us...I know your up there singing your little kareoke heart out! :) Kate Goedert Pocahontas, IA

01 Jul 2006

Hey Nathan, MIssing you today and always. But more so today for some reason. Love Susan

04 Jul 2006

Saluting you brother on this our Independence day. - Eli

04 Jul 2006

Hey Nate, just stopping by to wish you a HAPPY 4TH OF JULY....really thinking about you alot today....i miss you soooooo much.....luv always, Stephanie Cundiff

06 Jul 2006

hello nathan its been six months and it seems like yesterday. please continue to keep your eyes on robert. keep being his sergenat he will need it. you have the sweetest mom. you also have a beautiful marker you mom sent me a picture of it. it helps me to be able to know that we can write and stay in touch. nathan keep all going and we meet at the gates when its my time. robert and you. it will be nice to meet you to meet you face to face. keep up with my robert. i miss him so much. forever mandy robert's mom

07 Jul 2006

Wow...six months since we have lost two of our own and not a day goes by that you and Johnson are not thought about. We all know that as we finish our tour of duty over here, the two of you will be watching over every single one of us, everyday. You both truly are missed....Rest In Peace our brother. -Your brothers and sisters of the 414th-

07 Jul 2006

Mary, Bill, Eli.....Remember Natey's first tattoo? I could never forget, He and I got them together on our 18th birthday. Well, I finally decided to get my second tattoo on the 4th and I couldn't think of anything I'd want more than something to celebrate Nate.

Here it is...  http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i30/oilyhick/aa001.jpg

07 Jul 2006

Dear Nathan, Sarah and I just got back from Hickory Grove where we had lunch together and enjoyed the time away from town.We tossed around a few ideas of what to do on this day, one thing was to go to the cemetary where you are and something was mentioned about a beer but we decided that there would not be enough time for that and to get Sarah back to work on time plus I said she would have to drive me back after I had the beer with you so to speak! We thought that would be a good place to go to remember you today.It was so peaceful out there at the park, it was very nice to be able to actually hear the birds and see butterflies. We took in all that nature and god had to offer. Sarah said the other day that it sometimes seems just like yesterday that you died and then other times it seems like years. We miss you now and always. We think of you often. Well Alan and I are off to the city for our weekly DATE to Sams and Aldi's. WOO HOO. Miss you always Love Susan, Alan, Angela and Sarah

13 Jul 2006

Nate, i wish there was some way that all the hurt could be taken from out family, especially mary, bill, eli, kathy, and connie. I know it hurts us to think about it still, we hadnt seen you sense our last get together but i still feel like we were so close, but anyway i just felt like telling somebody, everyone loves you and misses you, especially your family

15 Jul 2006

Nate- It has been 6 months now and it still hurts like it did before, if not more now. We miss you so much. Not a day goes by that we don't talk about you. We are getting your truck fixxed. We all k now how much you loved it. We love you so much. Keep watching over us. Love, Kathy Eli and Elias

22 Jul 2006

hey nathan's family this is robert's mom and i just wanted to say i think about all of you all the time. i'm just like you it seems like yesterday to me but i am thankful that at least we have a great 2 people in our lives that will be missed forever but we were blessed to say we knew them. life isn't kind sometimes but i get to have a close friendship with your family even through we have never met. that is special to me. keep me in your prayers and i will do the same. thankyou nathan for being the great person you were to your family and friends and letting my robert be one of them. forever in my prayers and thoughts mandy mother to robert johnson.

24 Jul 2006

Well Nate, I know this has been said about a thousand times by about a thousand different people but we all still miss you. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you and all the fun we had. Whether it was camping, fishing, hunting, or just playing video games. No matter what happens you will always be in my thoughts. Keep watching out for everyone. -Tanner

24 Jul 2006

SGT Field, A few of the boys had duty at Camp Dodge this past weekend (Henely, Spilman, Goodwin, Krause, Klodt, Stewart, Congdon, Tew, Egli and Jensen, L.). Tew, Egli and Jensen earned their German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency - Gold Level. The rest of us worked to support the competition. We could have used your help, particularly Stewart, Krause and Goodwin. You're not far from our thoughts and we raise your name at just about every gathering. It's a good thing we're devactivating the 4249th, it just isn't the same without you. We're losing some of the 9/11 gang (MOTSU). July was Abbas' last drill with the unit and a few more are on the horizon to leave. Take care my friend. Peace! Top

30 Jul 2006

hello nathan just wanted to let you know i still think about you all the time along with robert. it is still hard to believe. please take care of my robert and i know each day comes because you and robert are looking after us here on earth along with the lord. thanks mandy robert's mom

03 Aug 2006

hello nathan the same goes for you keep your wings open wide so we know you there. your missed also. i may have never met you in this life but i look forward to meeting you in heaven. thanks for being the young man that your mom told me about. tell my robert hello for me also robert's mom

07 Aug 2006

Hey Nathan, It has been 7 months today we all miss that blond haired kid now and always. Love Susan, Alan, Angela& Sarah

08 Aug 2006

Nate, We're missin you like crazy. Watch over those guys still there will ya? Bring em' home safe!!! Thinkin bout you always, angel in the sky! Kate Pocahontas, IA

08 Aug 2006

Hey nate. We are missing you like crazy. Everyone says Elias acts just like you. Boy do I have my hands full.. I know you two see each other a lot, and maybe that is why he does some of the things he does. I am glad he is doing them with you. We love you so much. Kathy and Elias

09 Aug 2006

Hey Nate Just thinking of you once again....Wanted to say hi. Keep watch on us and especially those still over there, I know you will. Our thoughts are with you always. Tami

10 Aug 2006

hello nathan just wanted to say hello and to keep your eyes on robert and all of us and the soldiers left behind to caring on. they miss you also. keep the sun shining. tell my son hello and to be good. 7 month already and it seems like forever. i talk to your mom and it seems just like i know you. you were great. thanks mandy robert's mom

20 Aug 2006

Hey Feild...I tried to go watch that new twin towers movie today but had to leave...don't know why I just did. Now I find myself back here thinking about you and how are lives changed after that day. How if that didn't happen me and you would have never been the friends we were....but then again you might still be here if it didn't happen...I don't know whats better, knowing you like I did just to have go or having never had the friendship we did but you still being here for eveyone else you knew..guess I don't really have a choice any way huh.. Man, why does this still suck so bad....I remember the time you went on leave for like ten days and I thought I might die before you got back! I didn't even realize it was the day you got back but I remember pulling up to your condo to pick Arthur up and you opened the van door..All I wanted to do was give you the biggest hug but I couldn't cause I knew Arthur and Martin would have made fun of us for getting all excited,hugging and giggling like two little girls!! :) Which is what we ended up doing the whole drive anyway..giggling cause we were so glad to see each other again! Man, what I wouldn't give to go back to those days in the van at 5:00am listening to Arthur complain about us giggling and being way to loud for 5 in morning :) Instead I sit here in my apartment missing you, crying, wishing I would have gone over there with you! I remember Telling each other If one of us went the other had to go too...sorry man. You begged me not to leave and to go with you but I just couldn't do it. Sorry man..I know you understand but I just knew you would come back, I guess you were right....Don't know what else to tell you, but I love you and I hope you understand. Love you man.. Bailey

23 Aug 2006

hello nathan just wanted say hello and tell you that you are truley missed and i am thankful you are with my son. two great loses. earths loss and heavens gain. keep an eye on my robert. you are missed here on this earth. alway robert's mom

27 Aug 2006

Hey brother. It doesnt get any easier does it? All I can think is why and what might have been. You were my best friend and I am lost without you nate. Although I struggle I can feel your spirit with me and helping me. I cant wait for the day that I can see you and shake your hand again and say, hey brother. -Eli

03 Sep 2006

Hey Nate, just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Labor Day! I really wish you were here for it.....Im getting another tattoo..but this one is going to be in rememberance of you and my other friend Stg Greg Tull who also lost his life in Iraq just 2 months before you....anyways the tattoo is going to be a cross, army helmet, and the flag and its going to say " United we stand, together we fall"......i sure do miss you alot...i think about you every single day...this world is just not the same without you....i cant wait until i can see you again...so until then watch over me....i miss you and love you!!!! Stephanie Cundiff braydensmomma2005@yahoo.com Pocahontas, Ia.

07 Sep 2006

Hey Nate. We really miss you. It seams like it is getting harder then anything else. We really miss talking to you and seeing you. I fell that nothing will ever be the same without you. You impacted so many people. You left your mark on so many things. We love you man. Kathy and Elias

09 Sep 2006


09 Sep 2006

hello nathan this is robert's mom just wanted to let you know that i have really been thinking alot about robert and you. i know your mom and dad miss you alot. i know that because i feel that same way about robert. i also think about your brother because i can't begin to understand how he is feeling. those of us that are left behind alway think it should have been me but then it is god plan and it just isn't our time. but i can you that everyone leave a mark on this earth and when it is our time we will meet you and robert at the gate. please be there. i look forward to meeting you. you and robert keep each other company and all your loved ones that have gone home to heaven also. you angels keep an eye on all of us. always robert's mom

11 Sep 2006

Hey Nate well it's the 5th anniversary since Sept. 11....and they are running all kinds of specials and things on tv. All of them make me think of you and the guys in your unit that deployed when that happened...i'll never forget getting up sooo early in the morning and comin to work with steph to help serve you guys breakfast before you got on the bus. we miss you like crazy nate. it's so different. keep an eye on us bud....until we see u again. we miss u angel in the sky! Kate Goedert Pocahontas, IA

11 Sep 2006

Hey Nate, today marks 5 years simce the USA got attacted....its been a real tough day today...im missing you like crazy. They keep showing all kinds of stuff on TV and I cant stand to watch it...I just burst into tears..........like Katie said earlier I will never forget the few days after the attact when yall got called when we cooked you breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Mary's Cafe for three days before you had to leave....I also remember bawling when yall loaded the bus......anyways I miss you so much Nate but I smile when I think of all the wonderful times we shared together! I LOVE YOU AND IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Stephanie Cundiff

12 Sep 2006

Its been a while Nate. It seems like only yesterday I was riding down to Des Moines with Tyler and Nic to see you before you left. I still think about you everyday and all the fun we used to have. I'm looking forward to seeing you again someday. So until then, keep an eye on us. -Tanner

12 Sep 2006

Dear Nathan, 9/11 stirred up emotions in me again and I miss you more now then ever. I am always will be proud of you and everyone else in the armed forces. Today Julie is gone one year and I know you and she are together. Alan and I went out to our local cemetary where 2 Nevada young men are buried and we let a pink balloon go with a poem inside for Julie. It does not seem like a year that she has been gone already.Sometimes it seems like yesterday and other times it seems like years ago! I miss her so much. I miss both of you so much. Love Always Susan

13 Sep 2006

Hey Nate. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. I went out a couple weeks ago and it sucked so much. I just kept thinking about all the fun we had when we did go out, it seems so hard to go on any more. I don't see how things will ever get better with out you. They won't.. It hurts so much. It's crazy because I only knew you for what like 2-3 yrs and I hurt this much. I still don't know how your brother does it every day. You guys are so close. You guys loved each other so much. With out you it just doesn't seem real anymore. Elias talks about you all the time and it hurts to think he will never be able to hang out with the greatest uncle ever. I love you and miss you so much Nate. Keep watching out for us. we love you man. Kathy

15 Sep 2006

nate its been a while since i wrote its just so hard for me to do because you shouldent be gone i shouldent be writeing this me and you should be getting ready to go out and get drunk and do all the stuiped stuff we always did i feel that its not fair that you had to die and sometime i wish it could have been me but i know you would have never let that happen when it came down to it everyones life was more important to you then your own i wish i could be half the man you were i think about you everyday and it dosent get any easyer to get over the fact that your not comeing home i keep thinking your ganna pull up to my house with a six pack and tell me it was all a big joke and after i got done beating on you we would go out i hope your haveing fun up there i am sure its one hell of a party anyways god speed to you soldier because more then anything son brother friend you are a SOLDIER

16 Sep 2006

Well Honey, Iowa won and I know you did something up there. I bet your so happy about that. Honey I miss you so much and Love You more than anything in this Fucked up world were living in. I thank about you every day and nite laying in bed alown wishing this was just bad nitemare that will just go away. I hurting so bad because I Miss You Sooooo. Much. With All My Love Your Wife Connie Field

17 Sep 2006

Hey Nate....your Hawkeyes won yesterday!!!

17 Sep 2006

Hey Nate....your Hawkeyes won yesterday!!! Im sure you helped them out a lil bit tho huh?!?! haha...anyways just wanted to stop by and say hey again.....im still missing you more than ever...it sure dont get any easier...if anything i think its getting harder for me to deal with cuz im realizing now its not just a bad dream...it really is real...and it sucks!!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!

17 Sep 2006

Hey Nate your bears won today. I think you will help them get to the super bowl this year. I will watch every game like you would be doing if u were here. I know you are watching them and the hawks up there. I really miss you! We all love you Nate!

26 Sep 2006

hello nathan its me robert's mom keep up the good work up there. i would never have gotten to meet you but by what everyone is saying you must have been a great person everyone talks so highly of you. please keep up with robert. you were his leader here and lead him up there. i know my son and i know he enjoyed working with you. for now rest in peace. i think about you and robert every minute of everyday. mandy robert's mom

30 Sep 2006

Hey Nate, tomorrow is Chad's wedding and it doesn't seem right that you won't be there to share with us all. We are all gonna really miss you and I know be thinking of you and wish you were there. I'm sure your name will come up at least a time or two. I know Chad will be thinking of you, he is so happy with Katie and excited for it all. It's really nice to see him so happy, I know you see it too. Just wanted to drop a note, it still doesn't seem right or fair you're not here. I think about you often and wonder why? There are no answers and it makes me so sad but thinking of your smile and brightness helps some. Keep an eye out tomorrow, I know you will be watching from above to see his special day. Thinking of you often, you are never forgotten.

03 Oct 2006

Hey nate, its your brother. Our Hawks took it on the chin on Sat...but they will be fine....I watched the Bears club the Seahawks...the D looks tough again...the offense looks much better as long as grossman dont blow out his knee...I was so looking forward to you be over here on football Sat/Sun this fall...miss you brother...Eli.

03 Oct 2006

Hey Nate. Just wanted to say that We love you and Miss you. Keep hanging around us.

07 Oct 2006

Hey Nate. I thought I would let you know that the Hawks kicked some butt today :) We really miss you hun. I saw a kid that looked just like you from the back today. It really made me fell sad. We love you so much. Keep watching over us..

08 Oct 2006

Nate, Today was Aarics wedding day, and although everyone was celebrating his day, I know in his heart, there was an empty spot. I wanted to thank you for the contribution you made to his life, and for standing by him through thick and thin, He misses you, today especially. I know one day the two of you will meet again, until then, I know that you are watching over him and that gives me a comfort which words can not express....God Bless you.....

08 Oct 2006

Nathan, I have been thinking about you alot these days. Love and miss you always. See you someday.

09 Oct 2006

Was just sitting here and thought I would visit since it's been awhile. It brings tears to my eyes still to see your picture and read the memorials people send. Anyway, like I said I just thought I would stop by and visit. Amy Robinson/Ries

10 Oct 2006

Hey Nate. The Bears kicked butt. 40-7. Guess that is more then just a butt kick. I miss you and love you man. Keep watching over us

15 Oct 2006

hey nathan this is robert's mom just wanted to say hello and to let robert know i am thinking of both of you all the time. i can only say that i truely know how your parents feel because i to have lost a great deal to. i know we think about both of you all the time. please keep up with my son and lead him well as you did here on earth. it is a great pleasure to know that i have a great angel to look after me. i can tell by all the entries that you were a great person and really touch alot of lives here on this earth. thank you for walking the gates of heaven with my greatest treasure. alway robert's mom

17 Oct 2006

Hey Nate. Da Bears pulled it off last night. It was a little more then a nail bitter. You should see Elias watching football it is so darn cute. He sits here and yells at the tv. Elias talks about you A LOT. I know you come around him though. Stay close. We love you and miss you Nate.

17 Oct 2006

Hey Nate...just stopping by to say hi and that i miss you more than ever...I see that you helped the Bears out again.......WOW what a close game....Ive been talking to your sister-in-law Kathy alot...she is a great girl...one of these days we are going to meet up so our sons can become buddies too....i want Elias to tell my son Brayden all about what a great uncle you were...i know ill be telling him some great stories when hes older......you were a great guy Nate and very much loved by a ton of people......I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH....LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!!!! Stephanie Cundiff

24 Oct 2006

Hey Nate, it doesnt get any easier..i still miss you so much, i always think about the times we would hang out and stuff. I saw your mom, dad and Connie the other weekend at Aaric's wedding, It was so nice to see them, :) we were showing our tattoos to each other, haha i was trying to convince your dad to get one. You'll always be in our hearts, Bobby and I miss you so much Nate. I have the picture of you and i on my wedding day that your mom sent to me in a frame on my tv, it will be there for a long time, i show Devon your pic all the time and tell her how great of a person her "uncle" Nate is, i can't wait for the day to tell her all the funny things you used to do and how much of a brother you are to me. I miss and love you nate.. Duple

30 Oct 2006

Hey Nate Just wanted to say hi, it's been a while but I still think of you all the time. It's getting busy now with all the holidays coming up, it will be a hard one this year for your family and friends. I still see that smile with your head tilted when I think of you. I hope Connie is doing okay, I don't get to see her anymore but I know she has your family. They are great people just like you. I still cry when I read this so many people miss you and say beautiful things about a beautiful person. Swanson is a cop now and we are gonna have a baby in May, it will be busy. Tami

05 Nov 2006

Hey Nate, I was just sitting at work and figured I stop by and write a little bit. The Bears are doing good, 7-0 so far. The Hawks on the other hand could use a little help. A bunch of us went out for the opening weekend of pheasant season. It was fun, but not the same. I know that even if you were still with us that you wouldn't have been here for it anyways. I could have atleast sent you an email with a picture of the birds we got. We all still miss you and think about you daily. Keep an eye on us, and on the soldiers still abroad. We all need your help. -Tanner

06 Nov 2006

Hey man, I was out there on that convoy when it happened. This is the first time I had the guts to write to you. I wish there was more that I could do. I had only been there 2 weeks when that accident happened. You actually trained me on convoy ops. Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and Johnsons every day. JW

07 Nov 2006

hey nathan its robert's mom just wanted to say that we all still miss and think about you and robert all the time. the team is almost ready to come home and i hope they make it home safe. hope you and robert keep a eye out for them. be there wings. forever in my heart and i will never forget. thanks mandy robert's mom

11 Nov 2006

Hey Nate. We went to the Iowa game today. It was your dad, Uncle Paul, Eli, and I. It was a pretty interesting game. Although we did not get the win. You know Eli, he will be mad about it all week. I really miss you. It's not the same without you around here or calling at all hours of the night/day. Elias is getting big.. He talks a lot. Guess what! We think he is going to be left handed. Crazy huh. I miss you so much and I am always thinking about you. We luv ya man. Keep watching over up.

13 Nov 2006

nathan just wanted to say that the unit made it home safe thanks for looking out for them. forever in our thoughts and hearts. mandy robert's mom

13 Nov 2006

Hey Nathan, Barb, Natalie and I met up with Bill, Paul, Eli, Kathy & Alan at Cazadors after the football game on saturday. We all had a good time even if the hawks did lose. We were able to cheer up the fans there. Love you always and think of you everyday. Love Susan

20 Nov 2006

Hey Nate, just stopping by to say hello again...ya know this does not get any easier!...I also wanted to say thanks for watching out for the other soldier in your unit..they made it home safe!...Its just sucks really bad not to be welcoming you home...i was really looking forward to that day...Nate i miss you sooooo much!.......I think Kathy is planning on coming to Poky this weekend to party with Katie and I...you have a really awesome sister-in-law......anyways....i miss you more than ever....MUCH LOVE!!!! Stephanie Cundiff

22 Nov 2006

Hi Nate, its me again...just wanted to wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!...I am sooo thankful that i met you and got to know you...you were one of a million!...We all love you and miss you so much! Stephanie Cundiff

26 Nov 2006

Hey Nate.. Steph and I went out last night. We had an awsome time. Although it would have been better if you were there. It sucks with out you. Everything does.. I miss you so much. Keep watching over us. We love you.. Kathi

26 Nov 2006

Hey Naters, I finally got to go out with Kathy....she is soooo awesome!!! We had a few to many drinks for you haha and the bamd even played a song for you....you was a pretty emotional night...but we also had a great time...i know you were with us...anyways...WE MISS YOU TONS, AND LOVE YA FOREVER!!!!!! Stephanie Cundiff

03 Dec 2006

Hey Nate...Kathy and I went out again last nite...we got to see all the guys from the unit who just returned home...it was soooo great to see all of them...but it just didnt seem right cuz you werent there....but we did take ALOT of shots for you...and alot of songs were sung to/for you!!! We all knew you were there having a great time with us!! Kathy and I are going out to the amory today for the homecoming rally and to show off the scrapbook that her sister made for you!.....anyways...WE MISS YOU SOOO MUCH...LOVE YOU HERO!!!! Stephanie Cundiff

05 Dec 2006

Hey Nate.. Here it is 1134 and I can't sleep. I have been thinking about you a lot. Like Steph said we went out Saturday night and saw the guys. It was great to meet them and really sad in a way too. Tew's reminds me of u a lot. I miss you so much. I would kill for you to call us at 2am and ask us what we are doing.. Or just show up at our house. We are having a really hard time right now. It just doesn't seem fair. I talk to Elias about you every day. You may not be here with us. But I swear to you that you will still be his favorite uncle and best god father.. Your brother really likes his new job. He thinks about you so much. Our lives are so empty with out you. We love you and miss you so much. Keep watching over us... We Love you Kathy

05 Dec 2006

hey nathan its robert's mom along with everyone else wishing you and my robert were here. i have stayed in touch with your mom and plan to forever. we now share a friendship that is so special. she is my rock to. i love to here from her. it is the holidays and it is going to be so sad. i know in my heart that the lord needed you and robert. and i know both of you are in good hands. everytime the sun shines or the wind blowes i know both of you are entertaining the angels up there. both of you had to have been the chosen to do a special journey and i look forward to seeing you one day. god bless your family and friends at this special season. thank you for being the soldier that i read about everyday. keep up with my robert. miss each one of you. thanks robert's mom

06 Dec 2006

Missin you like crazy Naters Kate Goedert-Pocahontas

06 Dec 2006

Hey Nate. It will be 11 months from tomorrow that you left us, yet it seems like yesterday. I miss you so much. Nothing will ever be the same with out you. I love you so much and miss you more then ever.....

07 Dec 2006

Hey Nate. 11 months has passed and it still hurts just as much as the first one. Like I said in my other comment I miss so much that you just don't show up or call. I watch Bubba run around the house and play and I just think of how much fun you would be having with him right now. You are one of the greatest guys I have ever ment. I love you and miss you so much. Kathy and Bubba

07 Dec 2006

Hi Nathan, It has been 11 months since you left us and I think of you often and remember the pain we all felt when we got the news of your accident. These days as the one year anniversary of you and Roberts death approaches I am numb. I love you always and will keep you in my heart forever.

07 Dec 2006

Hey Nate...11 months today :(....god i miss you like crazy!!!....I finally got to meet lil Elias.....Oh my god he is your lil mini me!!...he looks and acts just like you!! hes so adorable!!...i cant wait to get him and my son together!! anyways just stopping by to say hi and we miss you more than ever!!.....LOVE YOU ALWAYS HERO!!!! Stephanie Cundiff

09 Dec 2006

well nate its almost been a year and nothin has changed i still think of you ever day and it still hurts everytime the bird hunting was good this year but it wasent the same with out you missin all the birds and me haveing to clean up haha you would have been proud of whisky he did great this year anyways love ya alot man miss ya to much ty

10 Dec 2006

Hey Nate. I took a Christmas Tree out to you today. It's crazy...Elias was sitting there playing with his tractor and talking to you. It's like you were playing with him. He kissed your picture when we were getting ready to leave, and the screamed and cried for his Uncle Nate. He didn't want to leave you. But I promised him I would take him back out soon. I also know you will still be around him here. We luv you so much.. and Miss you like crazy.

10 Dec 2006

Hey Nate, I spent the weekend with Paul, Natalie, Barb Jerod, Amy Grandma& Grandpa. Barb,me and some of the Halversons came and decorated Pauls and Natalies house for Christmas. It was a good time and the house looks very nice no.!We went to see the SonShine Singers Christmas Concert. The concert was very good. I stopped to visit you today before I went back and saw the tree that Kathy put there. There are alot of things put out there with alot of love for you.We are all doing as well as we can but we all miss you always.Love always Susan

16 Dec 2006

Hey Nate. I thought I would stop by and say hi. Elias was sick Wed and Thur and your brother got sick last night. I told him he needs to stay away from us. He was out here laying... I am sure I will get it now. We miss you so much. luv ya

20 Dec 2006

Not a day has gone by without me saying hi in the morning and bye in the evening. I almost can still see you riding your bike down that quarter mile gravel to our house. I miss your smile in my kitchen, your laughter in my yard, and the spark in my sons eyes that left a little when you left. Noble still talkes to your picture and tells you stories. The time has not made it easier, only different. Forever missed.......... Dian Nowell

20 Dec 2006

Hey Nate...its been a few days since ive wrote....its almost christmas and i just cant get into the spirit this year....anyways i just want to stop by and say hi....MERRY CHRISTMAS NATE!!! I miss you and love you more than ever!!!! Stephanie Cundiff

23 Dec 2006

Hey buddy. I never stop thinking about you and I can't wait to see you again. You were always the best friend i could ask for. Merry Christmas Natey, Will.

24 Dec 2006

Hey Nathan, We all got together at John & Jennifers for Christmas tonight, we all had a good time together but it was not the same without you and Julie there with us. Love & Miss You Always Susan

24 Dec 2006

Nate Honey, I want to say Merry Christmas. Today sucks like everyday without you. I Miss You Sooo Much. I cry every day and night wishin you were here with me. I'm so lost I don't know what to do. I can't what to be with you again, I hope it's soon. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND ALWAYS WILL. Later my sexy husband Love your wife Connie Field

25 Dec 2006

Hey Nate. I didn't sleep hardly at all last night. I miss you and April so much. I sit here and think of you holding Elias that first Christmas. It hurts so damn much that you are not here. I know you are with us in spirt. But like Justin's mom said. It really sucks not to see your smile or hear you laugh. Or even to come here and just hang out. Elias talks about you almost everyday. We luv you so much Nate. There will never be a day we will stop missing you...

25 Dec 2006

Hey Naters, well....today is the day...MERRY CHRISTMAS....it really really sucks cuz your not here....i was just looking at the memorial page for you...wow thats pretty tough....anyways just thought id let ya know im thinking about you and miss you sooooooo much.....~much love~ Stephanie Cundiff

25 Dec 2006

Hey Nathan, I saw the new entry in the ozark warriors memorial for you... WOW alot of emotions going on there for the ones in attendance and as for me as well looking at the pictures God Bless the 414th even more now ... I miss you everyday but missing you twice as much this weekend. Your dad had shirts made with you on the front so I am wearing mine today. Love You Always Susan

25 Dec 2006

hello nathan this is robert's mom just wanted to say you are missed so much. both of you are. i truely hope your family and friends had the best christmas. i know they all tried hard because that is all we can do. life goes on and most of the time its sucks. we try. please continue to watch over all of us. we have our own angels. that is a blessing. take care and i will see you and robert when my time here is done. you and robert did send christmas with god this year. we miss you and robert always. i will contine to pray for your family and hope they will do the same for me. thanks always mandy robert's mom

26 Dec 2006

Hey Sgt Field...Merry Belated Christmas, I know that you and Spc Johnson were watching over the unit as we finshed our deployment in Iraq, along with our journey home. The two of you were missed every day and still are missed every day. You two truely are our Guardian Angels. I hope that you continue to watch over all of us, along with the rest of your family and friends during this holiday season and for years to come until we all meet again. Try not to party too hard up there this New Years, God Bless You, you really are a TRUE HERO!

27 Dec 2006

Hey Nate.. Christmas is done and over with. Connie and your parents came to our house for supper. Then Bubba opened his presents. He got a crap load of stuff. I know you were with us and you will continue to be with us through these rough times. We all miss you and love you so much.. Kathy

29 Dec 2006


Your gentle face and patient smile

With sadness we recall

You had a kindly word for each

And died beloved by all

The voice is mute and stills the heart

That loved us well and true,

Ah, bitter was the trial to part

From one so good as you.

You are not forgotten loved one,

Nor will you ever be,

As long as life and memory last

We will remember thee.

We miss you now our hearts are sore,

As time goes by we miss you more,

Your loving smile, your gentle face,

No one can fill your vacant place.

In Loving Memory of Nathan R. Field your whole family loves you soooo much!!!! Love, Angela H. (nathans cousin...angie_jh84@hotmail.com

30 Dec 2006

Hey Nathan, G & G Field left for Texas this a.m. with Sarah & Elizabeth... it was just one year ago a few days back that we talked with you on the computer from Iraq for the first time for some of us and the last time for all of us.. The conversation we had is still fresh in my minds... we talked while Elias took his first steps( what a happy look on Kathys and all of our faces) you were so excited when Bill typed that to you. We talked of coffee shops & about you maybe purchasing a basket for me, the conditions overseas and of course you talked about your family how you wished you were there. I am glad to have that memory in my heart. We all miss you so much everyday. However I know you are all around us. This weekend is new years& we hope for a good 2007 but you and Julie will always be with us no matter how many years go by. Love Susan

31 Dec 2006

Hey Nate, i just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Years....its almost been a year since we all lost you...and it still hurts as bad as that day last year when i got that call...We all miss you soooo much Nate....love you so much! Stephanie Cundiff

05 Jan 2007

Hey Nate.. A year ago today we got your last phone call. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I miss you so much. I would luv to come home from work and see an empty pizza but on a my floor and a 2 liter of pop laying on my floor with you and Eli playing PS2. I will never forget the memories I have of you. From the happy ones to the ones you let me cry on your sholder. You were one great brother to me. And the best Uncle. I promise to tell Elias all the stories we have shared. I luv you so much Nate and miss you like crazy. ~~Hugs & Kisses~~ Kathy

07 Jan 2007

Nate, exactly one year ago today I got the worst phone call of my life....telling me that you had been killed in Iraq...i remember yelling at Morgan, telling her to shut up and that it was nothing to joke about, then when i finally believed her i threw the phone up against the wall and broke it, and dropped to my knees and couldnt breathe....it was the worst feeling the the world....you ment so much to so many people...and this world is not the same with out you here....we go on because we have to but let me tell you something.....IT SUCKS!!! I just wish you were here.....i miss you and love you soooooo much....keep a watch over all of us...love you hero!!!! Stephanie Cundiff

07 Jan 2007

hey tater its been a year ha i was out seen ya last nite drinking a few with ya and i never though it would be me going to your grave i always thought it would be the other way around i always thought you would be the one out of all of us to live forever becuase you never got hurt and you were always ready to go for more no matter how bad the nite befor was no matter how stupied the shit we would do it seemed like i was the one brakin boones and getting cut up looking up at you laughin your ass off at me cuz you always thought it was funny with i got hurt but hey man keep an eye on everyone love ya and miss ya alot ty

07 Jan 2007

Still thinkin bout you everyday. We miss you more then ever missin u like crazy- Kate Goedert Pocahontas,IA

07 Jan 2007

Hey Nathan, Alan and I went to visit you today and those old feelings came back again. We stopped to see your dad and he is muddling through this. We all miss you and love you very much. Love Always Susan & Alan

08 Jan 2007

Hey Nate. One year ago last night is when you mom called me letting me know that you had been killed. I was in such shock. I didn't want it to be true, still today I don't want it to be. Your brother is so strong. I know he is killing inside, but he wants to show he is strong for all of us. He doesn't have to say how much he misses you because you can tell in his actions and how he looks. Life will NEVER be the same without you here. I took some stuff out to you yesterday. A few things we got from Bob's, and Elias picked the other stuff out for you. It was really hard when Elias went to give you a kiss and tell you bye. On the way home he kept asking if Nate was coming. He luvs his Uncle Nate so much. We all do.. Keeping watching over us and coming around. We luv you and miss you. ~~hugs & kisses~ Kathy and Elias

08 Jan 2007

hello nathan its been a year now and it is still just as hard. i miss my robert more than anything in this world but i have peace knowing that he went to heaven with someone as special as you. over the year i have come to know you thru your family and friends. i talk to you and robert everyday. i talk to sgt laub on the ann.day of one year and he had nothing but good things to say about you. i also talk to your mom. and i let your dad a message. because of you and robert i have new friends that know how i feel. i can talk freely to your mom and it seems so good. but like my robert it kept me grounded. i can't wait to meet you and see just how much you and robert's were alike. several people have told me how much you to were alike. keep on eye on us till it our time. forever and always in my heart. mandy robert's mom

12 Jan 2007

Hey Nathan, I am listening to Keith Urban and working around the house. I listened to the song Making Memories of Us that was played at your funeral and that would have been played at you and Connies wedding and so that brings me to thinking of you& missing you and the emotions we all felt after you left us and the emotions we still feel at certain times even today. Miss you always Nathan. Love Susan

18 Jan 2007

Hey brother. Been a while. Missing you like crazy bro. What a great weekend this would have been for us...Saints vs. Bears. I am glad I am working and wont get to see it...I dont think I could watch anyway. Its crazy Nate...everytime I hear the phone ring I think its you, I think I see you in crowds out of the corner of my eye but its never you, I get some great news and the first person I want to tell is you...but I can't...at least not in the way I want to. I promise to never let your memory die bro. 50 years from now if I am still around you can bet I will still be bragging about you and keeping your memory alive. -Eli

20 Jan 2007

Nate... It's taken me along time to be able to write something in your memorial book. I've looked at this off and on since you've been gone, but never have been able to write anything... Now I can... I knew you too short and briefly in life thru "the army..." One of my few memories I have of you is at the last dinning out (In Poky, I.A.) b/4 you all were shipped off to Iraq.. You and Krause were given the DD duty of driving everyone's drunk butts home from the dinning out that needed rides ( you decided not to bring Connie b/c u knew how boring this factor would've been for her...)...(I bet u remember why u and Krause were the "chosen" DD drivers... It might've had something to do w/ skipping drill and heading to Jackpot Junction Casino?!?!..This I know b/c I was with as well as Connie :-)) At the very last trip back to Humboldt, Krause took the last car load and I rode back w/just you... We had a great conversation in which we talked alittle bit about life and more especially about your hunny bunny... I can't recall exactly how long you too had been together, but already by that point and time in your relationship you were already head over heals for her...(which I also saw b/t u guys on our "getaway weekend..") I will never forget the way you talked about her and how much love and emotion it was filled with... For the short time that I knew you I still think about you often. You made a great impression on me from the first time I met you... Your an awesome guy Nate and will Always be missed and thought of... My Love, Prayers, and Sympathy goes out to your family.... ~S.F. Chicca~

02 Feb 2007

Hey Nathan, Well we start another month without you here with us. I do know though that you are with us somewhere watching out for your family and just watching everything that is going on . I hope you always knew that I loved you. Miss you everyday. Love Susan

02 Feb 2007

hello nathan it's robert's mom just wanted to say that you are still missed badly i know that because i miss my robert so bad at times it hurts always. you two young men were thought so much of. it's amazing to see how much you both touched people in there lives. my robert is my hero and i know you are your parents hero. keep up the good job of keeping an eye on all of us. i know you were a sports person and i was just wondering who you think will win the super bowl. they may not be your teaming playing but i'm sure you would be watching. shake those wings of your now and keep up the good work. i alway think about you and robert everyday. alway and forever thank you. robert's mom

08 Feb 2007

Hey Nate. Duple and I started a myspace page for you. I miss you so much. It's hard without you here. I would do anything to walk in our house and see what I did almost every day I came home from work. I luv ya man..

14 Feb 2007

Happy Valentines Day Nathan Love Susan

19 Feb 2007

Hey Naters, i FINALLY got my tattoo drawn up...now i just gotta go get it....its gonna be wayyyy cool...its a cross with a flag and an army helmet and it says "united we stand, together we fall"...and guess what.....its in memory of YOU...i miss you so much its not even funny....Kathy has been coming to Poky alot for drill weekends and we have had some great times, but its still NOTHING like it used to be when u were there....id do anything to spend one more drill weekend with ya....anyways i miss you sooooooo much and love ya tons!!! ~Stephanie Cundiff~

22 Feb 2007

Hey brother, just wanted you and your family to know that we have not forgotten you and miss you much. Not a day goes by that I don't remember the sacrafice you and your family made for me and mine. I am sure the gates of heaven are well guarded and we will some day meet again when I request permission to pass through. Take care my friend. SFC John P. Emswiler II

22 Feb 2007

Hey Nate. We went to Texas this last week. It was okay. We all missed you a lot. We could just see the funny things you would have done down there. Eli has even told me the things that you did do down there when you were younger. Not a day goes by that we don't miss you. We all love you so much and can't wait to see you again.

25 Feb 2007

hey nathan its robert's mom just wanted to say thanks again for being my son's leader and i know that rober's had alot of respect for you and learned alot under you command. i truely wish in my heart that both of you were still here. not a day goes by that i don't think of both of you. i hope your family is hanging in there because that is really what we have to do untill we see you and robert again. be at the gates and we will meet one day. forever in my heart. robert's mom.

05 Mar 2007

Hey Nathan, I am sitting here listening to Dave Loggins song"Please Come to Boston" and thinking of at your Dad and Leighs wedding reception when you sang this song for me. You had not as clue how it went but did REALLY well with it. I am glad I have that memory and many others to get me through the days. We all miss you here! Love Aunt Susan

13 Mar 2007

The Minstrel Boy to the war is gone In the ranks of death you will find him; His father's sword he hath girded on, And his wild harp slung behind him; "Land of Song!" said the warrior bard, "Tho' all the world betrays thee, One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard, One faithful harp shall praise thee!" The Minstrel fell! But the foeman's chain Could not bring that proud soul under; The harp he lov'd ne'er spoke again, For he tore its chords asunder; And said "No chains shall sully thee, Thou soul of love and brav'ry! Thy songs were made for the pure and free, They shall never sound in slavery!" The Minstrel Boy will return we pray When we hear the news, we all will cheer it, The minstrel boy will return one day, Torn perhaps in body, not in spirit. Then may he play on his harp in peace, In a world such as Heaven intended, For all the bitterness of man must cease, And ev'ry battle must be ended. I will be at drill so happy St. Patrick's Day brother!!!

14 Mar 2007

hey nathan this is robert's mom still missing both of you alot. they say time will get easier but that is nonsense. it is just as fresh today as it was on jan7,2006. but life must go on until we get to meet. keep robert in line and each one that has gone on. from what i hear there have been some great soldier that up there with you and robert. alot of people missing there love ones. thank you robert's mom

25 Mar 2007

Hey Nate, its been a while since ive wrote to you, but dont you worry, i havent forgot about you thats for sure....as a matter of fact, i FINALLY got my tattoo in memory of you...its soooo sweet! i love it!...i was telling Kathy it was so crazy when i was sitting there getting the tattoo i just had a feeling you were sitting there with me!....anyways i just wanted to stop by and let ya know im thinkin about you every single day, and i miss you more and more each day...we all love you soooo much!!! ~Steph Cundiff~

01 Apr 2007

Hey Nathan, I've been thinking alot more about you these past few days. I think it is with the holidays coming again. I know how much you loved coming to things with your family, and at each one there are always 2 less people with us now. Two empty chairs. We will get together and share a story or two of you and Julie I am sure. We will enjoy the time with Elias and all the other children. They are all growing so fast! Miss you always Nathan Love Susan & Alan

01 Apr 2007

I was stationed at Camp Bucca in 2005, I didn't have the honor of knowing SGT field but I honor his service and am saddened at his passing.

07 Apr 2007

Hey Nathan, Today we are going to Grandma & Grandpa Fields for Easter. We all will have you & Julie in our hearts as we always do each day! We miss you SO much Nathan. Love Susan

13 Apr 2007

Nathan, this is my first entry. I have so many emotions when I read the messages from all your friends and family. I remember how I was feeling at the time that I first read them, so often their thoughts and feelings were close to what I was going through. Today I want to tell you in my own words how I'm doing. I miss you every day. Part of my heart is missing. Things that used to make me happy and gave me a sense of peace and calm have changed. My world changed Jan 7. The nightmare that was that day and the memories that have followed will always be remembered. The physical pain of losing you has eased, but the ache in my heart when I think of you will always be. My best memories are of you and Eli and the times we had together. Playing baseball at Lehigh, our trip to Missouri and Arkansas,or just hanging out at home. Memories that will have to last for the rest of my life. I never told you enough that I loved you, but I know that you knew that I did. It was one of the last things that I told you. Your mom and I are so proud of you and Eli and together we go forward in our lives. We feel your presence at the times that we need you most. Love always, Dad.

13 Apr 2007

Hey Nate, just stopping by to say hello....ya know, you have an amazing family, just reading all the entries in here!! its amazing!...oh and by the way...CONGRATS ON BEING AN UNCLE AGAIN!!!! ...we miss you sooooooooo much....love ya tons....Stephanie Cundiff

18 Apr 2007

hello nathan this is robert's mom just wanted to let you know that i think about you and robert everyday. i know that you will always be apart of my heart just like robert because i know that you had a big heart. just by what i read and hear from your family. keep up the good work in heaven your a great angel also. tell all the other hero's hello. always robert's mom

25 Apr 2007

Hi Nathan, The past few days have been rather tough for me knowing that another birthday would go by without you here with us. I always tried to make a point of sending a birthday card(usually late:) ) but it always got to you. This year I decided to send off balloons again(2 were hawkeye colors of course) and the black one had a note inside for you telling you that as long as I breathe I will always remember you. There were also 2 white ones to remember the people whos lifes were cut short in Virginia last week. Sarah and I let them go outside the college she attends. It was raining very hard so we did not get to do it quite like we had planned but they are floating high in the sky none the less. Tonight Sarah highlighted my hair and after she finished we had a late supper together! She is becoming quite the beautician if I do say so myself. She is getting tired of the college & work rat race though. I know she will make it through though! I tell her she only has 12 more months & in 4 more months she will be half way through! Well I guess that is all for now. Love you and miss you always Susan

25 Apr 2007

Hey Nate. Yesterday was your birthday. I remember the last birthday you had back here. We were out at your dad's. Remember how Elias fell to sleep before he got to the Burnside corner. haha. I will always remember the times that you had with Elias. He talks about you a lot. You wouldn't believe how much he is growing and talking. When we lay him down for bed I don't think he is ever gonna be quiet. ha. Any ways, we love you and miss you so much. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you.

25 Apr 2007

hello nathan its robert's mom just wanted to let you know that i think about both of you everyday. there are going to be few more angels arriving soon so be at the gate to welcome them home. your always in my heart and also i think of your mom and dad often. i know the void they have. always robert's mom

02 May 2007

hey nathan just wanted you to know that i thought about you today and everyday just like i think about robert. i know your missed greatly. its still hard. tell my robert hello. mandy robert's mom

07 May 2007

Hey Nathan, I am getting ready to call it a day but I wanted to let you know one thing... even I did not tell you as often as I should have, I loved you very much and was always proud of you as I am all of the nephews & nieces. I hope you knew that! Well good night Nathan. Love Always Susan

15 May 2007

Nathan....As I told your family at your funeral, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten. I am honored for having served with you and you and your family's sacrafice will always remain in my mind. Til we meet again brother. MSG John P. Emswiler Oh yeah....Steph....I'd like to see that tattoo!!!!

19 May 2007

Hey Nate. We think of you and miss you everday. Elias was telling your mom that you came here and played with him. I have no doubt that you are here with him a lot. Any ways I just wanted to let you know that we love you and miss you so much..

19 May 2007

hello nathan just wanted to drop a line to say hello and that i think about you and robert everyday. i have heard from so many in the last year and everything they say must be so because i come to this page and love to read about you. i am truely sorry we had to meet like this but i know one day we will meet face to face and i will tell thanks for your help. i know robert was a great soldier because you helped train and teach him. well i'll see you one day until then keep a watch out on us. tell robert i said hello. mandy robert's mom

20 May 2007

Hi Nathan, I just wanted to come in and tell you I think of you everyday and ALWAYS miss you. :( Love Always Susan

27 May 2007

Hey Naters, its Memorial Day weekend and ive been really really thinking about you alot...its been kinda tough....but i just wanted to stop by and say hello, and i miss you more than ever...love you always!!!! Steph Cundiff braydensmomma2005@yahoo.com

28 May 2007

Dear Nathan, I am getting ready to go to the Memorial Day Parade & Ceremony out at the cemetary here. On this day and everyday I carry you with me in my heart and miss you each day. Sometimes I am angry and sad about being without you but I am ALWAYS proud of all that you have done. You, Eli & so many others are what makes us all proud to be Americans and to have known you. We miss you everyday! Today we will visit you and bring a new flag banner to replace the one that is fading. Always know that unlike the fading banner our memory and love for you never fades! Love you Always Susan

28 May 2007

thank you nate for being a great soldier to our country we are so proud of you ont his bro..... Joe Canavan

28 May 2007

Thanks to all of Nathans friends who take the time to rememb Nathan and pray for us.He has been blessed. Susan

28 May 2007

Hey brother...got your truck up and running this week. Not been doing a whole heck of a lot just been hanging out at home before our next deployment kicks off next month. I guess I don't even know how to put my feelings into words anymore brother. We love and miss you always... Eli

12 Jun 2007

Hey brother... Just got back from another AT. Getting ready to leave for Kosovo in Mid July. Taking time off from work to spend here at home before I go. Been thinking of you a lot lately and have been meaning to come visit you but you know how it goes for me. Miss you as always - Eli

13 Jun 2007

I missed you after I left Rabiners. I know that you are smiling down on us all with that radiant smile of yours. The world is worse off without you, but how could I blame God or wanting to be closer to you. I'll never forget you. Thank you with all my heart for what you gave up for us all. Love always, Larie Lewis (friend, co worker)

22 Jun 2007

Hey Nathan, Thinking of you more these days. I sent something to Connie today since your one year wedding anniversary would be soon. We miss you everyday. I talked with your dad today he seems to be good now. He is helping Kathy & Eli with preperations for him to go to Kosovo. Watch over Eli. Well love you always & miss you. Love Susan

22 Jun 2007

Hey Field, your old platoon sergeant again (Davis), Still thinking of you every day!!!! I sure miss the the hell out of you!!!!!! I know your family must miss you tremendously, but we miss you just as much!!!! I cant wait to see you again. You know how much fun we had at the old 4249th, I just know that were all gonna have that much fun in HEAVEN some day!!! When I think of the memories, I think of you and Bailey, and what clowns both of u were!!! And what a head ache U both caused my all the time. U kept me on my toe's!!!! I love you brother, and as promised, will never, ever, ever forget you. To his family I say thanks for sharing him with us!!!! And may we all meet in Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna go cry now!!!!!!!!!!

22 Jun 2007

Eli, I dont know you, but I sure love and (know) the hell out of your brother, Anyway stay safe in Kosvo!!!!! I'm sure your brother will be looking down on u, and the rest of us will be watching u from this place they call earth!!!!! luv u bro!!!!!!!!

25 Jun 2007

Hey Nathan, Just getting ready to call it a day & then I remembered today would have been you & Connies first wedding anniversary. I wish you could have known how good marriage can be. I sent a little something to Connie so she can pamper herself when she needs to. We love & miss you always Nathan. Love Susan

25 Jun 2007

hey nate its been a while since i last wrote just wanted to say i still think of you everyday not one days has gone by that i didnt. anyways i heard a song that was wrote for you that new tim mcgraw song if you reading this. first time i heard it i cryed i ll kick that songs ass for you at kerioke. pretty sure i spelled that wrong anyways love ya man i miss ya alot always ty

29 Jun 2007

Here's to you, and Johnson, and all of the other men, and women that have paid the Ultimate Sacrifice. Tim McGraw's "If You're Reading This" "If you're reading this My momma is sitting there Looks like I only got a one way ticket over here I sure wish I could give you one more kiss War was just a game we played when we were kids Well I'm laying down my gun I'm hanging up my boots I'm up here with God And we're both watching over you So lay me down In that open field out on the edge of town And know my soul Is where my momma always prayed where it would go. If you're reading this I'm already home. If you're reading this Half way around the world I won't be there to see the birth of our little girl I hope she looks like you I hope she fights like me Stand up for the innocent and the weak I'm laying down my gun Hanging up my boots Tell dad I don't regret that id follow in his shoes So lay me down In that open field out on the edge of town And know my soul is where my momma always prayed where it would go If you're reading this, I'm already home If you're reading this, there is going to come a day You move on and find someone else and that?s okay Just remember this I'm in a better place Soldiers live in peace and angels sing amazing grace So lay me down In that open field out on the edge of town And know my soul is where my momma prayed where that it would go If you're reading this If you're reading this I'm already home." Keep watching over all of us, Field...you are greatly missed! P.S. Wyatt is getting married tomorrow. Please bless and watch over him and his soon-to-be wife, Leslie, along with everybody attending to celebrate their special day!

01 Jul 2007

hey nathan its robert's mom just wanted to say that i know you are missed so bad because i know how i miss my robert. the only thing going for me is that i know he is in heaven with you and all the otheres that have gone before you. you guys live it up. we will see you soon. i just want to say that i really enjoy talking and staying in touch with you mom. she is so easy for me to talk me and knows how i feel. tell my robert that i love him and miss him always. shake your wings and let us know there. may god bless your brother as he deploys and keep him safe. keep his family safe. you and robert's take a few minutes to talk to god and let him know to keep a special watch after each and every soldier. bye for now mandy robert's mom

02 Jul 2007

Hey Nate. We had a get togather out at John and Jennifers yesterday. Elizabeth got this cool tattoo of a bird on her foot. I think you'd really like it. It's still really hard not seeing you around, but I know you're there in spirit. Keep an eye on Eli. I'll miss your 2am calls checking up on me to make sure I'm alright. We luv ya and miss you sooo much...~kathy

02 Jul 2007

nat was wonderful and very caring. he always stood up for waht was right . i miss him alot he was the best person you could ever know . matt Gabrielson

02 Jul 2007

Nathan, We all got together yesterday at John & Jennifers for a going away party for Eli & a birthday party for Grandpa Field. We had a great time with most of our family there. For me & am sure for my siblings It was REALLY nice to REALLY be able to go home even for just a little while. We missed you & Julie though. I do think for a short time I felt your presence there with us. As time goes by the pain lessens but then other times it is as hard as the first day we found out you were gone. But we still try to embrace each day somehow. Love you & miss you always! Keep looking out for us. Love Susan

04 Jul 2007

Hey Nathan, On the eve of 4th of July thx to all who made this country great! We are so lucky to have the freedoms we have. Thx Nathan... Love and miss you always. Love Susan

04 Jul 2007

happy 4th of july your missed a great deal. take care and continue to let us know your there. thanks for everything.

05 Jul 2007

hey brother, missed you a lot today its just hard to get into the spirit knowing your not going to be here. 3 days and counting brother ...getting nervous but knowing it wont be like last time in afghanistan or what you went through. Keep an eye on my boy -Eli

20 Jul 2007

Hey Nate..today is the day that your brother gets deployed...please keep him safe...and keep an eye on Kathy and Elias...i know shes freaking out about being alone, but i know everything will be ok cuz youll be watching over them.....and i told her to never be afraid to call me if she needs anything..and ill be keeping Eli in my thoughts and prayers!!! I love you and miss you so much Naters!!!! Stephanie Cundiff....braydensmomma2005@yahoo.com

28 Jul 2007

hello nathan its robert's mom just wanted to say your missed so much by so many. but time is passing and that means we will be there to see you and robert soon. take care of my son and let him know i love and miss him alot. i hope robert is good company for you. he was for me. keep smiling. it seem like i should know you. your mom is great but you know that. i am praying for your brother and his family always. robert's mom

29 Jul 2007

Hey Nathan, It has been many days since I last left something in here for you but always know that each & every day I think of you and miss you. It has been one week since Eli left to prepare for Kosovo and I know you will watch out for him when he goes for his deployment. In a few weeks we will all go to Minnesota for few days of R&R. It will be fun but not quite the same without Eli, you & the others of our gang who cannot make it this time. Alan got a new tackle box & some fishing equipment so he is ready to go! I hope to go fishing with my dad this time. That is something we have not done together in years so I hope we can this year. Well I guess that is all for now. Keep watching out for all of us & Roberts family as well. Love Always Susan

29 Jul 2007

Hey Nate...I talked to Kathy the other nite and she is having a hard time dealing with Eli being gone...please keep and eye on her and Elias...i know exactly what its like to raise a kid on my own...ive done it for almost 2 years now...it is very hard...but thank god she has you watching over her and friends and great family to help her out!........oh i also wanted to tell you that i adopted a soldier...all i know as of right now is that his name is Adam and he is a Marine...i have to write a letter or send a card at least once a week, and send at least one care package a month...this is going to be so much fun!...but i figured this is the least i can do for the great soldiers who are fighting for our freedom!....anyways i just wanted to let you know that i love you so much and miss you like crazy!!!! ~love you always~ Stephanie Cundiff..........braydensmomma2005@yahoo.com

03 Aug 2007

Hey Nate. Eli has 31 days til' he comes back to visit us. It's a lot harder this time then last bc it was just me. But Elias is dealing with it pretty well. Eli's going to the range today and then doing room clearing later. He loves doing that stuff. He really misses you. He really needs to know your with him watching over him. It's crazy to say this BUT I miss the 2am phone calls you gave us the last night he was gone. ha. I know things will be okay I just want Eli to get over there so time will start going by faster for both of us. Please Please watch out for him though. He really needs you!... Elias and I love you so much!~Kathy

06 Aug 2007

It's been over a year now, and I can't listen to Kenny Chesney without crying. I miss you so, and continue to tell stories about you making us laugh. Some of the new soldiers don't know you, but they know of you and probably feel as if they knew you quite well. Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers. I often wonder if the choices I make would continue to make you proud to be my friend. You'll never be forgotten! SSG Luke Jensen

14 Aug 2007

Hey Nate....Just wanted to remind you that I think about you often and you are not forgotten. I myself will be taking off for Iraq in a few months and will put in my time. Thank you for what you did for me, my children, family and country. Rest in peace brother and I'll see you when the time comes.

16 Aug 2007

hello nathan just wanted to say hello and let you know you are always thought of each and every day. keep my robert in line and tell him hello for me. i talked to your mom and together will help each other. i know that she helps me. i know you are missed by so many. bless all our soldiers and there families. always robert's mom

19 Aug 2007

Hey Nathan, We just got back yesterday from being in Minnesota for a week. Those that could make it had a good time, the weather & fishing was great! We had fireworks one night courtesy of your Dad, Paul & Matthew. The display was GREAT until one got rather close to the boat & the people in it, then it all came to a quick halt! No serious injurys but Matt did get a slight burn to his finger, good thing we have a pharmacist in the family! The kids all had a good time including little Nicholas, he enjoyed the beach and discovered the taste of sand is not so good. Addison had a good time to at the beach, she had sand everywhere! Julie would have been pleased to see her granddaughter SO messy! Cole is getting to be quite the fisherman , he was right out there with the big guys! Natalie & Paul were able to come this year too & Natalie can cast really well. Angela also came & I think she had a good time, it is the first vacation she has had in years, it was good to get her away from the stresses of life. There is talk of going back next year, so we shall see. I hope that next year we can Eli, Kathy, Elias & the new baby can be with us too. Sarah & Elizabeth were both wrapped up in work & college so I hope they too can be freed up next year to join us.Where Sarahs job may take her when she is finished with college is unclear so we hope she can have one more trip to the bay before she embarks to who knows where. Well I guess that is all for now. Love you & miss you always. Love Susan

01 Sep 2007

Hey Nate. It's been awhile since I wrote much. Your nephew keeps me on my feet. Even more now then when Eli was home. As for your unborn niece or nephew it lets me know everyday that its there. Usually waking me up at 4am!! Eli's coming home for a few days. I pick him up in Iowa Falls on Wedensday morning. EARLY! Like a 530. I'm trying to debate on if I want to stay down there of just get up at 230. lol Elias was carring your picture around the other day. He said he wanted to go see you. So I think that will be on our list of things to do this weekend. He has this little pin wheel he wants to take out to you. He was hitting Meghan the other day bc he was carrying it. lol.. He acts so much like you and Eli. He's a great kid. I suppose I better go do something.. We love you and miss you.. ~Kathy~ proudmommyandwife0407@yahoo.com or field@wccta.net

12 Sep 2007

Hey Nate. Eli came home on a 4 day pass this last week. We had our ultrasound done. You're gonna have a niece!! Eli's in Germany now. Hopefully the weeks will go by fast so he can get to Kosovo. Keep an eye on him for us. We love ya and miss ya

13 Sep 2007

Hey Nate, I haven't been on here in quite a while. We all still miss you and think of you daily. I drive by the cemetary everyday and always say a little something. Continue to look down on us and protect those in harms way.-Tanner

14 Sep 2007

Hey Nathan, It has been awhile since I left anything in here for you. I just want you to know as another month goes by without you I miss you more and more all the time. Love you always Aunt Susan

16 Sep 2007

hey nate i miss you man its matt gabrielson im sorry for all the mean things i said to you before you left i never got to say i was sorry. lova ya. i sighned up for the army i turn 18 in 5 months i leave for bootcamp this year in july. becuse i graduate highschool in may.

16 Sep 2007

Hello Matt, I am Nathan's Aunt and I read your entry to Nathan. It touched me deeply and I wanted to let you know that we all say things that we maybe should not of said. But I want you to know that Nathan understood and he forgave you. Nathan was a very understanding and forgiving person so do not even think twice about it anymore. Good luck to as you begin your military career and stay safe. If you ever need to talk or anything my e-mail address is hab@midiowa.net.Take Care & God Bless you always Matt Susan Haberl

25 Sep 2007

Dear Nate, I want to thank you for being an amazing person and soldier. You were the first friend I made when I joined the 4249 Military Police Company. I thank you for answering every one of my questions and providing leadership. I remain grateful to have served with you and use the lessons learned each day. I miss you as a friend and promise to take the lessons learned on my upcoming deployment, Spc. Burke


27 Sep 2007

Nathan, I've been missing you a lot lately. I think it has to do with your brother being gone and not able to talk to him when ever I want to. It wasn't very often that I couldn't talk to either you or Eli about stuff going on. Those are the little things I miss. The moon has been full the last couple of nights and that always makes me think of you. On January 7 the moon was full. Good things have been happening. The Cubs may fumble their way into a pennant title and the Packers are 4-0. Miracles do happen .I spent a fun day with Elias and Kathy last Sunday. He didn't like the combine ride that much but enjoyed ice cream at Lehigh. As the fall moves in I plan to spend more time with him. Keep an eye on Eli. Love, dad.

29 Sep 2007

Dear Nathan, We just got back from visiting Alans Parents and we stopped to have supper with Kathy & Elias. I was SO glad to see them and play with Elias. He is all boy, and loves his tractors, monster trucks and of course his tool set like his Grandpa uses! we combined , drove tractors & trucks. We had a great time together! Kathy is doing well these days, but misses Eli very much. I miss you always Nathan Love Susan

09 Oct 2007

Hey brother.... Well here I am in Kosovo. Sure beats Afghanistan....no 2 MRE's a day here or washing clothes in a bucket....I miss you brother....isnt a second that goes by that I dont think of you... help me through the next year and watch over Elias for me....Love Eli.

09 Oct 2007

Hey Nathan, I just finished e-mailing Eli. Keep an eye on him and everyone else that is overseas now. Kathy sent me some pictures of Elias and his pumpkins.I will be printing them off so I can have them at my desk at work. He is getting so big! Not much else going on right now. I am off to Ft. Dodge tomorrow to help Mom & Dad for a few hours.As always I Love you & miss you & Julie each & everyday. It lessens as time goes on but never really goes away. Love Susan

10 Oct 2007

Hey brother....was looking at your my space and saw the picture of you with your shorts hiked up to your chest....gave me a good laugh which was much needed....miss you brother...Eli.

10 Oct 2007

nate youd be so proud of me man ive aplied to college and have started my essay as letter of acceptace. i am going to go to wartburg college and will double major one in vocal music education and the second in music therapy. well man ive got a football game tommorow @waukon. my team the waverly-shellrock GO-HAWKS. we are 6-0 in our class 3A. love ya man. from your friend, Matt Gabrielson

11 Oct 2007

Hey Nate. We have 9 weeks until your niece should be here. I am so scared especialy since we don't know if Eli can get home or not. Everyone tells me things will be fine, but it's not easy with Eli not here. Elias's misses him so much. Right now he keeps busy watching the tractors and combines. We have to drive from f'ville to Gowrie just to see them.. lol. Elias is getting so big. He is going to be a GREAT big brother. Eli misses ya a lot. I know he misses talking to you about how bad the hawks are sucking right now and how the cubs blew it. lol. I hope things will get better for him over there. He got some good news today that he was REALLY excited about. He was like a little kid telling me about it.. lol. I miss him a lot but I know he will be okay. He is strong. But just keep an eye on him for me.. Make sure he gets back here to me and the kids.. I am hoping that I will get the scarecrow Elias picked out last year out to you here soon. We miss you..Kathy

11 Oct 2007

Hey Nathan, I went to see Grandpa & Grandma Field yesterday. Grandpa is coming along pretty well with his new knees on his knees as Elias says. On the way home I took my usual drive through Dolliver Park on the way to see you. It is so pretty in Dolliver this time of year. I like to drive through there and remember all the good times we had there growing up, it was a time when we did not know about loss, illness or anything like that. The drive out to see you is always nice. It is nice to be able to get away from the hustle of town life. I left a small hanging pumpkin for you to celebrate the fall & halloween.I miss you each & everyday. Keep looking out for Eli while he is away from all of us. Love always Susan

15 Oct 2007

Hey nate i wish you were here man. i really miss you there isn't a day that dosent go by that i don't think about you. about the great person you were and the impact you made on some of our lives. i would love to have hung out with you more and gotten to know you betteer than what i did. i am trying to be as much like you as possible, i enlistd in the active army, and despite pressure to quit school i am hanging in there. whenever anyone asks me on my opinion on the iraq war i tell them about you an of your story to make them see that it is not all fun and games in being in the army. i think that it gives people more inspiration to hear an actual story of a true soldier. i miss ya man. (matt gabrielson)

23 Oct 2007

hello nathan just wanted to say hello and to let you know you are still missed and always will be. i know that because i have lost just as great a person that will always be missed. i know that you and robert and all the other angels are watching out for us. everyday i mention you and robert to someone who ask what is on your bracelet. i always wear it and i alway hope someone would ask so i get the chance to talk about robert and you. keep an eye on us. can't wait till i can meet you. forever and always robert's mom

24 Oct 2007

Miss you always Nathan. Watch out for Eli while he is away from all of us. Love Always Susan

24 Oct 2007

nate imiss you if my football team wins our game on friday then we will be in the playoffs watch over my team coaches, myself and my family. i love you. matt gabrielson

28 Oct 2007

nate we won our football game, we are officially 6-1 in our district. we are district champs and we are in the play offs for the first time in 6 years. i miss ya man. matt gabrielson

28 Oct 2007

Hey Nathan, We went to visit you & Julie today... it was a beautiful day for that. I always told Bill that you needed pine trees out at the Cemetary and I saw today that there are like 6 little trees planted out there. I am not sure if they were there all along and were just too short to see or what but I LOVE the fact that they are there! I love the sounds of the wind blowing through the pine trees at the Cemetary where Julie is, so there will be that lovely sound at your place too. I miss you everyday Nathan.Tomorrow night we will go to Elias Birthday party to help him celebrate being turning three! Watch out for Eli while he is away from all of us!Congrats to Matt Gabrielson & your football team on you win! Love You Always Nathan, Susan

04 Nov 2007

Hey brother...not a lot going on here....have our baby in 3 weeks....may get to go home for it I am not sure. How about them Hawks.....two weeks in a row they rally for a big win!!!...The defense really put the smack down on Northwestern in the second half....that quarterback looked really confused....lets hope they win the next two games and head to a good bowl ...they deserve it....I will come visit if I get to come home....your bro always- Eli


10 Nov 2007

Nathan, It is your mom. No words can express how much I love you and how much I thank God that you were given to us even for such a short time. Your smile, your laughter, your fun loving ways are memories that I hold dear to my heart. There is not an hour that goes by that I don't think about you. I still talk to Connie and feel like she is my daughter. We will be putting up your Christmas tree together like last year and thinking of you while we do it. Tomorrow is Veterans's Day and I will be going out to visit you and leaving you something like I normally do. Your niece will be born on November 26 and I am sure you are aware of how big Elias is getting. I think about how much fun you would have had with him and how much he would have looked up to you as an uncle. He is such a precious little boy and soooo funny that he makes me smile even when I am sad. Your brother will be coming home for Christmas and that will be present enough for me. I will sign off now as I am staying overnight with Elias and Kathy and need to give Elias a kiss good night. I miss you and love you so much Nathan. No words can express how much I miss you but you already know. Thank God for you and Eli - God's wonderful gifts. Love, Mom

Hey brother...its Vet's Day and am thinking of you as always. Everytime i lose faith in what I am doing this for I think of you and your sacrifice and it pushes me forward to continue to do what i know is right. Iowa won again yesterday....and am proud as only an Iowan can be to see the bronze pig back in Iowa City...My Saints are 4-4 now and pushing for a 5th staight win...I guess they are letting me come home for Christmas which is nice. I will visit when i come home.... Love Eli

11 Nov 2007

Hey Nathan, Salute to you and all veterans today and always. I miss you always but I am as proud as any Aunt could be of what you have done & what Eli is doing right now. Love you & miss you always! I see the Hawks won again yesterday! Good day for the Iowa teams! Love Susan

12 Nov 2007

hey nathan its robert's mom just wanted to say thank you for all you gave which was everything. i think about you and robert always. thank you again and always. mandy robert's mom


16 Nov 2007

hey nate,my team got knocked out of the football play-offs the first round at the UNI dome. anyways i am managing our basketball team who won the state championships last year. it is a great senior year for me. i have lots of friends. i wish you could still be here with me, becuase then i could still be talking to you and mrs. connie. i miss you lots . there isnt a minute that goes by when all of these recruiters from different brances of the army keep calling me to see if i will join their unit. since i have joined the army. love ya . matt gabrielson

18 Nov 2007

Nate, wow its been a long time since ive been on here...just had to have a lil moment to get caught up and read all the great things everyone has to say about you....we still think about you every single day...and miss you more than ever...love you so much nate Stephanie Cundiff.........braydensmomma2005@yahoo.com

22 Nov 2007

Hey Nathan, We are getting ready for Thanksgiving here at home, and as like so many days I think of you and am missing you on the first Thanksgiving without you. Angela and Sarah will be both be here today, this will probably be Sarahs last Thanksgiving at home for awhile. She is thinking of moving to Florida. It is weird having them both here together, the first time in years neither one have had to work so we are glad for that! We have many plans for this weekend , Thanksgiving at the Haberls & Fields. There will be three empty chairs this year at Mom & Dads. But we will have Eli home for Christmas and will have a new baby to enjoy then! So we will enjoy the time with our families and make many memories! Watch out for Eli! Love you & miss you always, Susan

25 Nov 2007

Hey Nathan, We had a great time at Jerod's party last night, most everyone was there from our family so we celebrated with the ones that could come & missed the ones that could not. Kathy & Eli will be having their baby girl tomorrow so we will be so happy to finally see the beautiful baby girl! Alan, Angela and I visited you and Julie yesterday before the party and we always miss you each& every day! Keep watching out for Eli Love Always Susan

27 Nov 2007

Hey brother....well ur an uncle again as of yesterday...she will never meet you in person...but you can be sure she will know all about you from me...you are my brother, best friend, and hero... I will visit you soon....Love Eli

28 Nov 2007

Hey Nate, congrats on being an uncle again, i went to see your new little niece Katelynn and kathy in the hospital yesterday...she is SOO BEAUTIFUL!!!....and your dad is so amazing, he was there for kathy the WHOLE time..he even recorded parts of the birth!...hes a great man, now i see where you got it from :)....i just wish i could have met your family before you passed away...it saddens me that it took something that terrible for us all to met.....anyways i better get going, just wanted to say congrats on being an uncle again....love you tons and miss you more than ever!!!! ~Stephanie Cundiff~ braydensmomma2005@yahoo.com

03 Dec 2007

God bless you, Sergeant. We all loved you and we miss you every day. The 415th MP Detachment (4249th MP Company), Pocahontas, Iowa

04 Dec 2007

Hey Nate. Katelynn's a week old now. Her middle name is after you and my sister April (Natalia-Louise) Things are going pretty good. I was just telling Susan how you were here for Elias's first Christmas. We miss you so much. I know you have been around a lot the last week. Thank You. Elias says he saw you last night up in the sky flying. He said you were with your friend. I'm so glad your around. We love you so much. Keep looking over Eli for us. ~~Kathy, Elias, & Katelynn

15 Dec 2007

Hey Nathan, We will be getting together at your Dads tonight for Christmas! Your dad has been decorating and preparing for all of us to come! There are alot of emotions going on it seems. I cannot wait to see Miss Katelynn Natalia Louise for the first time in person that is. Alan & I got a digital camera yesterday so we will be able to take many pictures of Katelynn & everyone else! We will miss you very much though! Tomorrow we will hear Grandma sing and then we plan to go out to lunch and then on up to Humboldt with Bill to see you & Julies trees. Love you and miss you always. Love Susan

18 Dec 2007


25 Dec 2007

Dear Nathan, On this first Christmas without you, there are many memories of past Christmas's that I will always hold dear! I was going through some old pictures the other day & found one of you & Angela at G&G Fields house on the farm and you were having so much fun checking out the tree! Watch out for Eli today while he flys home today to be with his family for a few weeks. Keep him safe until he returns home for his deployment! Love you & miss you always Love Susan

25 Dec 2007

hey nathan i miss you . merry christmas man. do me a favor watch over my family as they drive to come see me and while they serve god today. i enlisted. i saw what the army did for you and i want the same diciplene. love you. matt.

27 Dec 2007

hello nathan its robert's mom. i just wanted to let you know that i hadn't even met your mom yet but i think the world of her. she is one that i can call and she call's me and we just sit and talk about you and robert. then we talk about her grandchildren. she is so proud of her family. it make me feel like i know each and everyone of them. i know you and robert had a good christmas to because the day was calm. both of you are missed greatly. i can't say there wasn't any tears because there were lots of them. thanks for being my son's sgt and friend. always robert's mom

30 Dec 2007

Nathan.....Just wanted to be the first one to say Happy New Year. We miss you dearly my friend. I will be activated on January 4th and will going to Iraq some time in March. I know you will be with me the whole way. Rest in peace and we miss you. 1SG Emswiler

30 Dec 2007

Hey Nate, just stopping by to say hello....i miss you more and more each day...its coming up on 2 years since you have been gone and i still cant get it threw my head that you really are gone...it sucks!...but i know you will always be with us all....i love you so much naters!...and miss you more than ever! Stephanie Cundiff.......braydensmomma2005@yahoo.com

01 Jan 2008

Dear Nathan, I am getting ready to call it a day but I wanted to come in here and leave a little something for you as we approach a new year. I miss you always & will always hold you in my heart. Watch out for all that are to be deployed again soon. Keep an eye on Eli too as he finishes up his deployment in 6 months or so. Love You Always Susan

05 Jan 2008

Nathan, as we come to another year without you, I just needed you to know that not a day has gone by without you in all of our hearts. Tyler gave Justin a cool christmas present of a huge metal soldier kneeling by a cross and flag.. we all wiped away a tear.Tanner mentioned that there has been an eagle sitting in the big tree on the road to where you rest,and as I drove by it took to flight, and with it took my breath away as I continue to be grateful that your were a part of my sons lives. Forever remembered... Dian Nowell

06 Jan 2008

Hey Nate, tomorrow will be 2 years since you have been gone...not a single day goes by that i dont think about you....im wearing my "In memory of Nate Field" shirt today...god i miss you so much...i just wish i could sit down with you and have one last of our little talks together...anyways i just wanted to let you know im missing you more than ever...and you will never ever be forgotten. i love you Stephanie Cundiff

07 Jan 2008

Hey Nathan, It has been two years today since we got the word that you had been killed... I still remember the events of that night, where I had been that day,the feeling of emotional pain,emptiness & disbelief all at the same time when John called & told us. We miss you, will always love you &always be proud of what you did. Watch out for Eli while he is away & all that are deploying today. Love you always Susan

08 Jan 2008

Hey Nate. Yesterday was two year since you were taken from us. I still remember having to tell Eli like it was yesterday. To see the pain and anger in his eyes that day will never leave my mind. We celebrated Katelynn's first C-mas with out you, she was baptised the 30th. Eli and her were like glue when he came home. God you would love her. She's so much like the Field family. Elias told me he saw you and Robert last night on the way home from Gowrie. He said that you were happy up in the sky and that you came down and sat by him in the car. I asked him who he was talking to and he said Uncle Nate and his army friend. It instently gave me goose bumps but I am so glad in this time that he is missing his dad that you are around him. I also think that Katelynn sees you. Even though she can't talk she fallows things with her eyes when there is nothing there. I just can't believe another year has gone by that your not with us. It sucks so bad. You would love to play with Elias now. I can just see what you two would be doing. We love you and miss you. Keep watching over everyone.. ~Kathy, Elias, & Katie

15 Jan 2008

Nathan, it has been awhile since you left though it seems like yesterday. Just wanted to drop a letter saying you are remembered. I'm back in the Military Police Corp again over in Kuwait, feels good to be an MP again, just wish you were here watching my back. SFC Charles Price 18th MP BDE

17 Jan 2008

We salute you Sergeant Field

18 Jan 2008

Hey Nathan, Two years ago today we layed you to rest, So many people came to be with all of us to help us say goodbye to you. Sometimes it seems like years ago and then others it seems like yesterday. we met so many of your friends & co-workers and you had been blessed. Love You & Miss you always. Watch out for Eli & everyone who is deployed right now. Love Always Susan

30 Jan 2008

Others may move on and others may forget...but 50 years from now brother I will miss you just as much. Hurts more now I think cause I had so much to tell you and had so many situations i could have asked for your opinion. I am just realizing how much I depended on you. Miss you more than ever. Eli.

03 Feb 2008

Hey Nate...it was drill weekend this weekend and it was also Rip's last weekend...gonna miss that kid alot!!...they had kareoke at the bar ...thats always a good time but i miss you getting up there to sing...as usual there was many songs sang for you!.....everyone misses you so much, your always the topic of convos up there during drill weekend........i miss you tons.....love ya Naters! Stephanie Cundiff

09 Feb 2008

Nate, It's been a while and today I feel the need to leave a note. I went down to talk to you yesterday. It was a bright, cold, beautiful day. Peacefully quiet. I have been busy lately and hadn't taken the time to visit. Two years have passed since I lost you, but that day felt like the first. I remember the night. Seeing John and hearing him say "Nate's gone". So much has happened since then but I know in some ways I will always be stuck at that moment. I do find peace when I visit you though. Your eyes of the picture on your headstone seem to follow where ever I move. I remember the sound of your voice and your laugh. I remember good times and am reminded whats important. Watch over your brother, Kathy and kids. They need your strength as they go through difficult times while Eli is deployed. You are always with me. Love dad.

13 Feb 2008

hey nathan just wanted to let you know that i am thinking alot lately about you and robert. it is still so hard to believe that it has been two years. two that suck. i hope all is going good for you family. take care of them. tell my robert i said hello. always robert's mom mandy

17 Feb 2008

Hey Nathan, Alan & I went to see Kathy & the kids yesterday, they are growing so fast. Elias sangs songs for us & Katelynn is a joy. Bill & Mary were both there too so it was nice to be all together for awhile. We sat & watched the Iowa High School State Wrestling Tournaments & Mary shared stories about when you & Eli would wrestle! We had a good time..miss you always Watch out for Eli & everyone else who is overseas serving our country. Kosovo became independent today, lets hope for peace there! Love& miss you Susan

01 Mar 2008

Hey Nathan, It has been a few weeks since I came in here so it is time again for me to come in and leave a little something for you. Natalie gave a report yesterday for a class of hers on What Freedom Means to Her. It was very good she put alot of thought into it. She got 2nd place out of all the 8th graders in her county! We all are so proud of her. There was a part in there that she wrote about you. It was emotional for Barb & I but we did manage to get through. Even as time goes on we all still keep you in our hearts always. We always will. Watch out for Eli & everyone else who is away now. I know you watch out for Kathy & the kids. Love you & miss you always Susan

10 Mar 2008

hey nathan just wanted to let you know that if all goes well i am going to meet you mom and connie. i am so happy about that. tell my robert i said hello and i miss him greatly. i know you must have had your mom's sense of humor she keeps me laughing. i think she really likes the way i talk. real country. take care and you and robert keep everyone safe. along with jesus. i hope to see all of you when my time here is done. always robert's mom

14 Mar 2008

Hey Nate. It's been awhile since I have gotten on here. I thought I would today while Katelynn is sleeping. She's getting so big. She is a chunk for sure. I wish you could be here to play with her and Elias. I remember how much fun you had with Elias. We had a funral to go to last week and that brought up questions from Elias. He's been asking a lot about you. I know that Eli will always share stories of you with the kids and I can tell them what I know. You were a great guy, good listener. It's hard that you are not with us. But I know you are watching over the kids and Eli. Give him strength. I think he needs it. He really misses the kids. We love you and miss you.. Kathy, Elias, and Katelynn

23 Mar 2008


25 Mar 2008

Hey Nathan, I have alot of emotions going on these days it seems... so I will just say for now that I miss you alot these days..more then usual. Watch out for Eli, Kathy & the kids. Love Always Susan

31 Mar 2008

Hey Nate! We miss you like crazy. Guess what your brother wants to name our next boy(IF we have another one). He wants to name him John Rambo. Ha. That would make you laugh if you were here with us. I wish you could be here with the kids. You would have so much fun w ith them and they'd have so much fun with you. Katelynn's getting big. She's eating stage one baby foods. At 4 months!! ha Shes a chunk! Cubs couldn't pull it off today but hopefully they will have a good season. Elias was so excited earlier this week when he found out the HAWKEYES had a baseball team. lol I guess I better head to bed. Keep a watch over the house. People have been messing with it and its freaking me out. Watch out for Eli too. I am sure you have from some of the stuff he has told me that has happened. We love you and miss you.. Kathy, Elias, and Katelynn

12 Apr 2008

hey nate its matt toight is a special night for me it is prom and it is my last one senior prom. i am a senior in highschool now and i played football, managed basketball and soccer. i hapy to be here and if it wasnt for you then i wouldnt be i am soon starting college i am going two years at NIACC and four years at central college in pella. i wish the best for you r family and especially for your brother eli. love you and god bless. (matt gabrielson)

17 Apr 2008

Hey Nate. Your bdays coming up soon. We miss you like crazy. Elias still askes questions about you and heaven. He is a smart boy for a 3 1/2 yr old. He does and says so many funny things. I know if you were here you would laugh your ass off at him. Katelynn's a big girl. Eli's getting her more cloths and stuff this week and he asked what size she needed.. I told him 12-18 months and shes only 5 months! Shes not only a chunk up she is long too. She only weighs ten pounds less then Elias.. And she's starting to get her first tooth. I wish so much that you could see these guys and be playing with them. That tares me up inside more then anything. You will never know how you touched so many people. Sadie went to the capital for school and she saw the picture they had of you up there. She told everyone that you were her Uncle Nate.. Well all miss you so much. Keep watching over Eli, it is very hard at times without him here. We love you... Kathy, Elias, and Katelynn

24 Apr 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan! Your 26th birthday is here and it doesn't seem possible that so many years have passed. I feel your presence at all times and know that you never leave us. You will be with us today as we again celebrate your birthday your remarkable life and the many gifts that you have given to all of us. Elias talks about you alot. He told me that he kisses your picture on the "rock" and he loves his uncle Nathan. We were at the park one day and they were putting up a new flag and Elias said "It's for Uncle Nate". You would be so proud of Elias and Katelynn, they are so beautiful and funny. I am sure you are watching over them and are their special angel. I am surviving Nathan, but I sure do miss you - every minute of everyday. I can see your face and hear your voice and am so happy for these memories that never leave. I love you so much. Mom

24 Apr 2008

Happy 26th Nathan!No matter how busy our lives are we always keep you in our hearts & love you always. We have a flag outside our house and I keep the light on it every night to be reminded of our freedoms & for all that have fought & continue to fight for our freedoms! We love you & miss you always and always know that you are watching out for all of us here. We go through our days but never forget! Keep an on & Eli. your parents and everyone else who loves you. Love Always Susan

24 Apr 2008

Happy Birthday Nate, you are forever in our hearts.......The Nowell's

25 Apr 2008

Dont even know what to say anymore brother except I miss you. Eli

27 Apr 2008

Nate, sorry I'm late in wishing you a Happy Birthday.You always enjoyed celebrations. I remember your 23rd. Eli was in Afghanistan so it was Kathy, Elias, Connie Leigh and I . We had dinner, cake and then sat around the fire and talked. It was a nice night. We did the best we could this year. I love you and miss you. Dad.

27 Apr 2008

Nate, sorry I'm late in wishing you a Happy Birthday.You always enjoyed celebrations. I remember your 23rd. Eli was in Afghanistan so it was Kathy, Elias, Connie Leigh and I . We had dinner, cake and then sat around the fire and talked. It was a nice night. We did the best we could this year. I love you and miss you. Dad.

12 May 2008

Hey Nate. I was reading your dad's message about your last bday. I remember it like it was yesterday. from the fishing cake, to the big candle on it. It was funny bc Kitty jumped up in Elias's stroller and layed in it. We were all worried about Elias getting sleepy and I remember we didn't even get to the otho road and he was sleeping. I wish every day that you were still here to play with the kids. Elias misses you so much. He talks about you a lot. I think of how much you would have loved Katelynn. We miss you so much!

15 May 2008

hey man its matt i just wanted to let you know that i am graduating highschool in less than 9 days. i know that you would be very proud of me right now. i am waiting a year to go to college. buit in the fall of 2009 i will be starting school at Central College. i really miss you alot. and there still isnt a day that does not go by that i do not think about you and all of the good you have done for alot of people in this world that dont even knowe you that well, and that takes soem real courage. you know i wanted to tell you this i was talking to the seniors on my football tema last year and we decided that the offical motto for the Waverly-Shellrock football program would be that "Tradition never graduates." now i think that is safe to say about alot of things in life . keep watch over my family and friends. but most of all all of the soldiers in the United States Armed Forces. becasue some day soon god willing that will be me. thaks for encouraging me and always being there for me when i needed you nate. God Bless you , and your whole family.

25 May 2008

hello nathan it's robert's mom just wanted to say thank you for all you gave. it said that some gave all and all gave some. i have to say that you and robert gave all. i know that you had to have a great leader. my son alway sounded happy on the phone calls home so i know you must have had alot to do with that. i was really worried about him being so young but i know the army was something he really wanted to do. being under your leadership. he was alway quick to learn. i hope he was a good student. thank you nathan for giving all but i sure wish you and robert were still here. i guess i am being selfish. again thank you and i am looking so forward to meeting your mom and connie and hear all the stories about you. keep an eye on my robert. you are always in my thoughts. again thank you. mandy robert's mom

26 May 2008

Hey Nate! We went out and saw you today. The first thing Elias said was I miss you..and then gave your picture a kiss..:( That broke my heart! He was only 8 months old, but remebers you so much! I got Katelynn out of the car to see you too, she is still very young, but we will tell her all about you. She will know how GREAT her Uncle Nate was. We went to your dads after seeing you. We went down to Doliver, your dad and Elias had so much fun.. I couldn't help to think about how much fun you would be having with him and Katelynn. Elias is a real go getter. Your mom says he reminds her a lot of you when you were his age... I hope he turns out as great as you and Eli. We love you and miss you so very much, and you will always be in our hearts!!!!!!! We lover you!!!! Kathy, Elias, and Katelynn

27 May 2008

Hey Nate! Alan & I went to see you yesterday and all I can say for now is we still remember, are always proud of you & all our service men & women! Watch over Eli! He will be home soon. Love You & Miss you always. Aunt Susan

28 May 2008

SGT Field....I am now in Camp Bucca myself doing my time. When I got here, I arrived by helicopter. I was picked up there and taken to mt new living tent. Wouldn't you know that I immediattely saw the road sign that said, "SGT Nathan Field Lane". That really hit me. Then yesterday, I stopped by the chapel, and as soon as I walked in the door, there was a big picture of you and a memorial. My friend, you are missed, but you will never be forgoten. I have a couple soldiers that served with you over here that wear your braclet. You are always with us and we will never forget the sacrafice you made for all of us. Rest in peace my brother. 1SG Emswiler

21 Jun 2008

Hey Nate! I thought I'd stop by and leave a message. Elias is still up, and watching Cars. It's almost 11pm. He saw your picture and said me miss you:( He has such a good memory of you. Im so happy for that. But time and time again I can't help to think that he will miss out on so many things an uncle does with his nephew. I look back at the picutre we took of the day you left( you, Elias, and Eli_. You were so happy holding him. I only hope you come around Katelynn so she can also meet you. I know you would love these kids like your own. I still remember the first time you held Elias. I found the dvd of Elias 1st Christmas. I'm pretty sure you are in it. Elias was watching it one day. Im hoping you are in it that way Elias will always have that on top of the pictures of you and him togather. Eli will be coming home soon. We are getting really excited. I will be soo happy he will be home to help out with the kids. Keep and eye on him these last few weeks though, just to make sure he gets home safe. We love you, and not a day goes by we don't miss you.

02 Jul 2008

hello nathan its robert's mom and i just wanted you to know that i got to meet your mom and connie and i see why you were so lucky. i really had a wonderful time. we got to laugh and we shared some tears, but we really talked alot about you and robert. i can tell you one thing for sure you and robert are missed alot and we will alway have a empty place in our hearts. we were looking at some of robert's picture he had on his computer and came across a picture of you. i sent a copy to your mom and connie. it was such a joy to meet your family. i plan to make a trip to visit your mom and i am really looking forward to it. say hello to my robert and let him know i love him forever. i look forward to meeting you also when my time here is done. always robert's mom mandy

03 Jul 2008

Hey Nathan, Today is Angelas 24th birthday, so we took her out to eat last night. Tonight we are going with Barb, Nat, Eliz, Angela & Grandma & Grandpa to the concert at the capital for the 4th. It should be a good time. Saturday we are coming to Ft. Dodge so we will come visit you & bring a new flag to replace one that is getting a little worn out. Watch out for Eli and everyone in his unit as they return home & also for all who serve! Love you & miss you always Susan

05 Jul 2008

I realize that I am a day late, but Happy 4th of July to you my friend. It is because of the sacrafices of heros like yourself that we get the honor and privilege of living free in this fine country. God bless America. Rest in peace my brother. 1SG Emswiler

07 Jul 2008

Hey Nate! Eli got back to the Attebury today:) He should be home by friday and I am sure on our way home we will stop by and see you. Elias is soo excited! I can't wait to see Eli holding the kids. I wish I could see you with them. Elias has some civil war soliders your mom got him when she was in NC and he says one is you and the other is his daddy... It's the cutest thing. Any ways I just wanted to let you know Eli was back in the states and will be back with us soon. We love you and miss you

13 Jul 2008

Nate, Eli got home this week and not a moment too soon as far as Elias was considered. He was so excited. I had him on my shoulders while we were watching for the bus to show up. He would scream if I moved a little away from the window. When the bus arrived we had to run outside to get a closer look. Eli was sitting in the outside seat, so we saw him right away but it was another 10 minutes before he got off the bus. Elias practiced his " welcome home daddy-o" while we waited. It was great to see him get off the bus. I know you were there with us. Life can get back to being more normal again for all of us. Keep a close watch over Eli, Kathy and the kids. Love always, Dad.

05 Aug 2008

hello nathan its robert's mom just wanted to say hello and tell my robert i said hello. the sun is shining so i know you guys are having fun. keeping the other angels laughing. i was glad to hear your brother made it home safety. i know everyone can breath alot better and now he can get back to his number one job being a great dad and husband. keep up the great work up there in heaven. i think about how much you are missed by your family because i feel the same way. but until our time here is done we must wait. again thank you for everything. always robert's mom

18 Aug 2008

Hey Nate! Things are going pretty good here with Eli home. He misses you so much. I can tell just by the look on his face at times. I ask him whats wrong but he won't talk about it. I wish he would. I'm hoping he will if he really needs to. I wish you could be here watching the kids. Elias and Eli play baseball almost every day. Elias is a lefty. He is a great hitter. Katelynn is crawling really good now and standing up on things. I don't think it will be to long and she will be walking. That is scary. She bets up on Elias now, whats he going to do when she starts walking. lol. I know you are watching over them, keep them safe. We love you and miss you so much!

05 Sep 2008

I think about Field a lot. I can't help but remember the little bit of time I got to spend with him in NC while I was there for the summer with Abbas. I heard a song the other day by Carrie Underwood that brought me to tears...it brought me to tears b/c it reminded me what Connie went and is going through loosing her best friend and the person she was going to spend the rest of her life with. If you still read this Connie, I just want you to know that Nathan was lucky to have you and I wish very much that he would not have gotten into trouble the last dining out that Abbas and I attended with him. I would have loved to have met you and gotten to know you. You were blessed to be loved by that man! As I am sure he was blessed to be loved by you! Anyway to the rest of his family...I still pray for you all and I hope that you are able to find peace and strength from God's love.

06 Sep 2008

Thank you to whoever put in the last entry. The love & support from Nathans friends has been wonderful for all of us. Thank You so much for all the prayers etc. Nathan was SO lucky to have good friends.

06 Sep 2008

Dear Nathan, I know it has been a while since I put anything in here. Always know that I think of you often & miss you. I know that we did not always get to spend time together but I was always proud of all that you did. Your smile always but a bright spot in family get togethers. I am Proud to call you & all of my nephews & nieces mine! Love Always Susan

06 Sep 2008

I wish you could have been here today Nate.. Your dad and Eli started taking the siding off the house and Elias was "helping". You would have gotten a kick out of him. At one point and time I saw him hammering nails into the ground. Now I can't find where he put them.. lol. Katelynn is getting so big. You would love her to death. She looks just like Elias at 9months. Her first word was dada... of course it couldn't have been mama. She is attacted to Eli like glue. She is crawling and standing very well now. Shes a go getter thats for sure. When she is awake and Eli is eating she is right next to him waiting to be feed too. lol. Elias has been playing baseball and football all summer long. He has gotten really good at both of them. Last night Eli and I went to the SEW-G vs PV game. We left at half time when PV was winning 48-0. the final score was 52-6.... SEW just doesn't have a big team at all! The Hawks kicked some butt today.. The won 42-0... The look pretty good this year. Hopefully they can keep it up.. The Cubs had lost 6 in a row until tonight. When i last asked Eli the score was 9-5. They are 3.5 games ahead of the brewers... I'm hoping they can keep that lead. Besides that nothing much is going on.... Eli does start referring JH, and JV games this next week. His first game is monday so me and the kids are going to that one. I guess he is also doing a peewee one in jefferson the fallowing sunday. I'm really glad he is doing them. I suppose I should go. We miss talking to you... Look down on the kids when you can... I'm sure you will get a kick out of them... We love you!

07 Sep 2008

Field, Its the first time I have left anything on here. Nothing has ever affected me in my life the way those few minutes did. I see people everywhere and from certain angles they look just like you. Im back at Camp Bucca now and it sucks. You have a road named after you though, all official with signs and maps and everything. Both you and Johnson do. I wanna thank you for watching my ass so many times. Tammy felt so much better after you came to her in that dream. That was pretty wild dude. I think about the first real conversation we had after that day of training at Dix when you pissed me off. You seemed like you felt pretty bad about it but its cool man, I was kind of an asshole anyway. Some many things you did made us all laugh our asses off there. You taking the seat out of SGT Mac's seat in the truck, You wearing every bit of your cold weather gear and then waking up sweating your ass off. And when we got our NVGs and we all stayed up late using those things. And I sure hope those "pecker pills" worked out for you. You talked enough about them that we were all experts on how they worked. The worst part of being at Bucca is the memories here. I can hear the convoys rolling out and I think about that day everytime. I remember when I heard the radio call go out and turning the truck around. Its truly a moment that I will never forget, physically, visually, and emotionally. Im sorry that I couldnt do more and I should have been able to. I tried Field I swear I did. I havent been the best of keeping contact with much of anybody. That whole event still scares the crap out of me. I run away from it most chances I get. Tammy has helped me go through the motions of healing. She has been a true blessing to me and my children are dreams come true. I got two boys now and a girls now that I adopted. I never really thought about it till it was pointed out to me. You are Nathan and I called Johnson Bobby. My two sons are Nathan and Bobby. Little coincidences keep you and Bobby around. Just noticed today that you knew Emswiler. We are actually here together and I gonna talk to him about you soon as he get back from leave. Just please do me a favor and watch over us all. I feel better knowing that I have you and Bobby watching my back when I need it. Stop by sometime. Watch over the troops I have. I have tried to explain to them how important the camaraderie between them is and how quickly shit can hit the fan. And lastly, thank you. You have shown me what true heroism is about. SGT Mark Laub Jr.

14 Sep 2008

Hey Nate..its been a while since ive been on here, but i just wanted to stop by and tell you i still think about you every single day! i dont talk to kathy anymore and that kills me, but i guess thats the way things have to be for now! i miss you like crazy!! love ya always! Steph Cundiff

22 Sep 2008

Hey brother. Been thinking of you lately. I have been officiating many many High School and Middle School games this year. All is going well so far and not to many complaints. Would have been fun if you could have come watch. Elias likes to look at the photos of us as kids and asks many many questions. Looking at those pictures and seeing your face as a young boy makes me really wander if things ended like the should have. Your face makes me think that you were to do so many more things but fate would cut that all short. I guess it just makes me wonder about how things came out but whatever the case I am proud to have been in your life. Miss you brother - Eli

29 Sep 2008

I had the pleasure of attending a Carrie Underwood concert last night in Sioux City, I.A. I heard the song mentioned in the post or two above. Its an absolutly amazing song, that instantly made me think of Connie... Miss Underwood commented that there has been 2 songs, that thus far in her career, that were "must haves" to be recorded. One was Jesus take the wheel... and "Just a dream.." My heart still hurts for the entire Field family and surrounding relatives... Just the small amt of time I was able to spend with him, still constantly remains with me... whether is movies of war time, hearing the gun salute, or the trumpets sound... Fields memorie comes rushing at me... It's amazing the impact one solitary person can have on you... My love goes out to all of Fields family, friends, and beyond... ~Love, from Sioux Falls, SD

18 Oct 2008

If anyone has any good digital pictures of SGT. Field, please email them to me at john.emswiler@us.army.mil. I want to list him on the "Together We Served" site where you can Create a Remembrance Profile for a Fallen Soldier. Thanks. 1SG Emswiler

26 Oct 2008

Hey Nate, just wanted to stop by and say hello and that i miss you so damn much! they say it gets easier with time, and i guess some days do, but some days are still really really tough! but i know your watching over every single one of us! i just cant wait til the day i can see you again! I miss you so much, and love ya like crazy!! Steph Cundiff

27 Nov 2008

Hey Nate, its Thanksgiving day. Just wanted everyone to know that I am thankful for all the memories I have of you. I know you're up there keeping an eye on me so I don't get myself in trouble. -Tanner

28 Nov 2008

hey nate its matt i really miss u man like i am livning on my own now and i found my biological family and am starting to make better contact with them again, i love nad miss u mmore than ever man when the going gets tough for me i often think bout u but just dnt express it to others , btw happy thanks giving dude and the hawks are doing great the beat minnesota the other day 56-0 thts some hard core stuff man, take caare of the troops and my buddies that are in the 1133rd transportation company out of mason city and hte surrounding area, love ya buddy and taske care.

02 Dec 2008

Hey Nate. We had Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa Fields on Sunday. This time of year is always hard. We miss you so much. Elias and I were on the way to town the other day and he says " are we going to see Uncle Nate, this is the way". I told him that once we get your little Christmas tree ready we would come up to see you. He loves you so much. I wish you could be here to see him and Katelynn grow up. Eli says Elias is a lot like you at his age. Any ways. We love you and miss you. Keep watching over all of us(if your not to busy)

02 Dec 2008

Hey, Sgt. Field, I wrote this the other day. We'll (4249th, now the 415th) be heading over again some time soon and this was my way of dealing with the news. I never got the chance to know you very well, but whether we've all met you or not, EVERYONE toasts you when the Commander mentions your name. We miss you and will never forget you. When I wrote this song, I felt you there with me. The line in the song is true, we miss you and know you'll watch our backs over there. We love you and miss you! Dear God (A Soldier's Song) Dear God, I am scared, I am alone, I am afraid I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t speak, I got the news today Dear God, Why this right now? Why can’t it wait? I’ve got a life to live I go to school, I go to work, I’ve got so much to give ‘Cuz I’m going to war And I don’t know if I’ll be coming home With my brothers and my sisters We’ll be all together all alone And I’m praying to you To help make it through Please be there for my family and my friends ‘Cuz I don’t know when or how I’m coming home But I’m coming home Dear God, Please tell my mom and brother not to cry I’ll do all that’s in my power not to die Dear God, Please bless those men and women there with you I’m praying that my training will pull me through ‘Cuz I’m going to war And I don’t know if I’ll be coming home With my brothers and my sisters We’ll be all together all alone And I’m praying to you To help make it through Please be there for my family and my friends ‘Cuz I don’t know when or how I’m coming home But I’m coming home Dear God, Tell Sergeant Field we miss him And we know he’ll be beside us when we go ‘Cuz we’re going to war And we don’t know if we’ll be coming home With our brothers and our sisters We’ll be all together, not alone And we’re praying to you To help make it through Please be there for our family and our friends ‘Cuz we don’t know when or how we’re coming home But we’re coming home

06 Dec 2008

wow that is an amazing song! id love to hear it sang someday! and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your unit as you head back to war!!! stay safe!!! and thank you sooooo much for what your doing! Hey Nate, havent been on in a while...but just cuz i dont get on here daily anymore doesnt mean i dont think about you....i think about you everyday and miss you more than ever! love you always!!!!!!! Stephanie Cundiff

10 Dec 2008

Prayers to all in the 415th unit that are headed out for another deployment. Like I also told Nathan & his friends that were overseas from his unit stay safe! Nathan we love you & miss you always...Watch out for all that are defending the freedoms of so many. Love you Always Aunt Susan

11 Dec 2008

SGT Field, I have completed my tour and turned down retirement to do so. I sit and cry as I think of the times I teased you about wanting to join the Navy after I enlisted your brother Eli. You were a great young man and I will miss you. I hope your family will forgive me for talking to you about the Army. May you rest in peace and you will never be forgotten by myself or those all you touch. In Arms, SFC Price

11 Dec 2008

SGT Field, I have completed my tour and turned down retirement to do so. I sit and cry as I think of the times I teased you about wanting to join the Navy after I enlisted your brother Eli. You were a great young man and I will miss you. I hope your family will forgive me for talking to you about the Army. May you rest in peace and you will never be forgotten by myself or those all you touch. In Arms, SFC Price

21 Dec 2008

Hey Nate. You would have been so proud of Elias this week. He played Joseph in his lunch bunch program on wed. He was so cute. Him and Meghan sat up there pretty well. Any ways for the first part. Towards the end what Eli calls his turben fell off and Meghan tired to help him put it back on. It was the cutest thing. Everyone thought he was so cute. He has a lot of energy like you. So i was suprised when he sat up there the whole time. Your dad and mom came to it. He was so happy to have everyone there. I am sure you were watching him and laughing at him with the rest of us. Your dad came to the house after the program. They played with his army soldiers. He always has you and Eli being some and then Sawyer(a kid for Eli's unit). It is funny to see him play with them. He still talks about being in the army. And I still tell him no way. He also wants to be a police man, a fireman, and a boxer. lol. He still says he sees you at times. And I am glad he can. It is nice to know you are around still. With the holidays coming up I know things are getting hard for everyone. I still remember you coming to the apt. for Elias's first cmas. I am so glad we got pictures of you holding Elias that year. My niece Donna had the biggest crush on you after that. lol. We love you!

25 Dec 2008

Dear Nathan, I got to thinking back to two christmas ago about this time we were all at Mom & Dads. It was on that day that we all gathered around the computer after supper to talk with you when you were deployed in Iraq. We all were so glad to be able to take turns chatting with you! I will always remember our talk of the area that you were at, How you spent you free time & yes we even talked about the possiblity of you shopping for a basket for me from Iraq.While we were talking there was Elias crawling around near Kathys feet & all of the sudden he stood up and was able to take a couple of steps! It was such a miracle to see..not sure who got more caught up in the moment & so happy to witness it all Kathy or us! We have so many things to cherish & remember from that day. Who knew just a few days later that all would be taken place of by SO much pain & grief. We love & miss you & Julie always. But we always hold our heads high & move forward with you both in all of our hearts.Watch out for all who serve all over the world now & their families! Love Always Susan

27 Dec 2008

I remeber the day that Susan is talking about. I also remember Elias's first cmas. You came to our house, went to my parents with us, and then had to go to work. I am so glad you were able to be there. We were going threw pictures a week or so ago and found the last picture Eli and Elias took with you. It was really hard to look at it and not start to cry. There are so many memories of you. You were a great guy. I remember when I asked if you could be one of the casket bears at my sisters funeral(since Eli was deployed). Even though you never ment my sister you still did it. I could go on about the memories I have of you, but that would take for ever. Time is still hard without you, but even harder around this time. We miss you and love you..~~Kathy

03 Jan 2009

Dear Nathan, We all will be gathering at Mom & Dads today for a late christmas. Time with family is so valuable & we will make more good memories today... but we will miss all that cannot be there today. I have many emotions going on right now...so I will write more when I can...Love you & Miss you always Susan

05 Jan 2009

hey nate tomorrow will be 3 years since you left us and somedays it feels like yesterday and others it feels like 10 years. i still think of you every day and miss you more and more. i took Noble down to wrestling practic tonite and justin is signing him up for the Nathen Field wrestling ternny. i sometimes wonder about how differnt life would be with you still hear. i know it would be for the better and i like you think you would have had a couple of kids of your own by know. i still meet people i never meet that new you and that all tell me how you changed there life to i love telling stories of all the stupid shit we did and how much fun it was. i feel bad that i havent keept in touch with you family like i should have i guess its just been to hard for me to do i miss them to and hope everyone is doing good. i ll always be thinking about you and miss you nate. Tyler

06 Jan 2009

Well buddy, its been 3 yrs. Like Tyler said, it really doesn't feel like it. We all still miss you and think of you daily. Noble is in wrestling now. Hes pretty good for being five. I taught him how to do a switch the other day, and also helped him with his base. I have a feeling hes going to be better than any of us were. I hope so anyways. Keep an eye on us down here, we could all use the help from time to time. -Tanner

07 Jan 2009

It is hard to beleive that another year has come to pass since you left. The boys speak of you often and the stories still get told again and again. Noble and Kaide have heard some so many times that they ask to hear them again for funny bedtime stories. I can honestly say that not a day has gone by- without you crossing my mind at least once. Tanner was right when he wrote that he was thankful for having you as a freind. You are truely missed by all of us...........The Nowell's

08 Jan 2009

Dear Nathan, I still remember the day that we got the call that you had died...I remember those feelings as if it were just yesterday. I cannot belive it has been three years sometimes it seems like yesterday & then others it seems like YEARS ago. We all love you & miss you always. Love Susan

08 Jan 2009

hey nate its been getting harder and harder for me to get by in life , jsut with college , and finacial aid trouble. i constantly find myself falling into peer pressure to drink and stuff like that and i am lacking my skills liek i used ot do everything the way it used to be and now i find myself useing alot of shortcuts and things! i really really wish u were here cuz if u were ik tht i could call u day or nite and u would help me out , no matter wht the problem was ! u were always a person i could confide in! ik it may seem like i ma rambling but i am jsut getting soem stuff off my chest cuz ik tht u are watching over me nad u will try to guide me the best u can!!! man i miss ya alot like i cried yessterday i always will remeber u and i will keep ur family and friends in my prayers bcuz u were a huge help to me! so thanks for everything and untill next time peace out bbuddy!!!

08 Jan 2009

Hey Nate. Yours parents, Eli, the kids and I went out to see you yesterday. It was to cold for Katie Bug to get out of the car so I stayed in there with her. Elias went out to see you though. He is such a smart kid. He was telling me when we first got out there that he missed you and loves you. I told him that you were in heaven and could look down on him when ever you wanted. And he was happy with that. After we left we went out to your dads for awhile. I think Elias brought down all the toys he could find from up stairs. lol. Susan is so right when she said that she can remember getting the news. I can still remember ever second of it. It isn't fair at all that y ou are gone. You were such a great guy with some much more to give in life. But, I guess God had bigger plans for you up there. We miss you so much!

18 Jan 2009

Nathan, today's entry is an emotional one done on what was an emotion filled day. The 18th was the day of the funeral. Eleven days after the worst day of my life. I remember the numbing pain that filled each day and night. Unwilling and sometimes unable to accept the reality that you were gone. Some of my memories of the 18th have faded but I will always remember your army buddies saluting you as they left the church. The drive to the cemetery and the folding of the flag. I remember the sound of the bagpipes and the playing of taps. It was then that I first had the feeling that my life without you began. This was truly the saddest of the eleven days. The past three years have had gone by quickly and you are always in my thoughts but with special memories today. Love, dad.

19 Jan 2009

Nathan Yesterday day was the day we all said goodbye to you. We had waited 11 long days for you to come home & those days we very long for all of us. I remember the pain that Connie was experiencing, She loved you very much, I remember the day we buried you, it was a snow free day , we could actually see grass. I remember So well about being out there at the cemetary with all your friends & army buddies who were able to attend. Out there in that cemetary we were sometimes spread out on the field after the services were completed but surrounded by people we did not even know but we still were there together & connected because we knew & loved you all in many different ways. The sounds of the bagpipe the taps & the salute is still fresh in my mind. I also remember the folding of the flag & the emotions of my brother & everyone else as the flag was handed to him..That was a very difficult moment for Bill,Eli, & your Mom as well. It was then we truly had to say goodbye to you even if we were not ready. Alot has happened in the three years you have been gone..but not a day goes by that we are not reminded of you somehow. Last night Alan,I and the girls got together and went out for supper so we could be together like we were 3 years ago. We love you & miss you always Susan

27 Jan 2009

I know this is delayed.....I am sorry soldier....but 3 years and it seems just like yesterday. I was with you in Iraq and I want to leave this message and in my heart I know that you know who this is.....one of your fellow soldiers.....I always have been and always will be. I will see you again one day and will pick up from where we left off. Keep watching over all of those that you care about and love...whether they wear the uniform or not. Peace be with you brother and keep watch over every one.....martinsj1@appstate.edu

07 Mar 2009

nate man i miss u alot espescially at this point in my life ! i could use ur help so much rite now to get me on the straight and narrow ! man i would give anything to trade places with so tht u could continue helping kids like u helped me and becuz ik tht u and connie were really happy together and i miss u both! man jsut watch over me , keep me safe and help me out buddy! i love u man and tell the good man uipstairs hello for me ! comming on here to jsut rite to u helps me alot in my life and i jsut wish i could cal and talk to u ! i wonder how much god would charge mew to get a direct line to ya ! man another thing is like eveyone ik and love are dying or leaving me in my life and i cant face this world on my own im jsut one man! be ,my wingman , my guardian! help me!!!

23 Mar 2009

There is no doubt in my mind that you were with your niece today Nate. Thank You so much, and tell God thank you for keeping he safe we love you and miss you so much!

27 Mar 2009

SGT Field- There is a new Iowa Veterans Cemetary that opened in Adel, Iowa last July and your name is on the wall that honors all of Iowa's Fallen Veterans. I just went to visit last month while I was home and it was bitter sweet to see your name up there. Keep watching over all of us and just remember that you are never forgotten! SGT Sarah Martin

16 Apr 2009

hey man wat up jsut living the life and missing u a ton !!!

24 Apr 2009

Happy Birthday Nate, you are still in our daily thought...forever missed by us all..The Nowells

24 Apr 2009

Dear Nathan, Today is your 27th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I wonder what things you would be doing for it if you were here? You & Connie would be together & probably going out on the town with friends and family. We all miss you SO much! I will be calling your Dad later on today & we will get through this day.We miss you always. I am off for a walk right now & will be thinking about you that blond haired fun loving kid that we all knew, loved & miss each day! Love Susan

30 Apr 2009

We miss you so much!

24 May 2009

Dear Nathan, Angela gave birth to a baby girl today and they are doing fine. Emily Marie is very sweet! We celebrated Sarahs 22nd birhday yesterday and we all had a good time..we of course at like fools but had a great time... we ended the night with a campfire like we did out at your dads on occasion & several times up in Minnesota. Alan & I will visit you this Memorial Day weekend and bring you a new flag. We will remember all the good times we shared! Love Always Susan

24 May 2009

Hey Field, Memorial Day is coming up. You and Bobby have been crossing my mind so much cause the thought of what the day actually means brings me back to that day. It was truly a pleasure to have served with you. I hope things are well up there. Try to guide me a little and keep my ass out of trouble if you can. Made my E6 last year. If you could, keep me from screwing that up! Take care of there brother, I miss you guys. SSG Mark Laub Jr.

15 Jun 2009

Hey Nate, the guys from your unit leave today for Afganastan....please watch over them! I miss you sooooo much! love ya, Steph Cundiff

05 Jul 2009

HEY NATHAN! Alan & I visited you last night AT 9:00 AT NIGHT! Crazy I know but we wanted to on Independence Day of course. We wanted to be no place else but with you. When we got there...two deer greeted us & slowy took off after they saw us it...They are amazing Animals& I knew you would have enjoyed seeing them. We went to see Alans parents & Grandma & Grandpa Field...we went out to supper with them. We watched fireworks as we drove home last night. They were pretty awesome to see! We love you & miss you always Nathan! Love Always Susan

13 Jul 2009

Hey Nate, just wanted to stop by and say hi, and im thinking about you all the time............i got married on June 27th, can ya believe that?!?! crazy huh!? i sure wish you could have been there! i miss you like crazy....love ya! Steph Cundiff

03 Aug 2009

hello nathan its robert's mom just wanted to say you are so dearly missed. say hello to my robert for me. keep your eyes open and your heart. keep us safe. keep my robert out of trouble if that can be done. i am sure that you and robert are giving them a workout up there. we miss you very much. always robert's mom

23 Oct 2009

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23 Oct 2009

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23 Oct 2009

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23 Oct 2009

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23 Oct 2009

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23 Oct 2009

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23 Oct 2009

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